Weekend tokusatsu/anime/manga/etc news recap

It’s the weekend, and that means it’s time to recap the coolest Japanese SF/horror/fantasy-related stories that hit in the last week. On a personal note, I was pretty floored by the response to last week’s Godzilla manga article, and a special shout-out to Godzilla: Rulers of Earth/Kaiju Combat artist Matt Frank for reposting it. He’s great artist, a cool dude, a world-class Godzilla nerd, and has probably drawn more kaiju pictures than everyone mentioned in that article combined.

On to the stories:

  • Kaiju Gaiden has met its funding goal for film production! However, don’t slouch on pledges yet: with four days left, please consider donating to help them meet their first stretch goal. They’ve been teasing titles like Line the Barbarian, Godzilla vs. Seadora, and other previously unannounced topics that they’d be able to cover in their free monthly online show if it gets funded. Also: it sounds as though certain complete films will be included in the special features!

line the barbarianuchuu_shoujo_myu

  • While we’re on the subject of Kickstarter, Cannon Busters looks pretty cool, and I’m always for mature western animation projects.


  • Attack on Titan is getting a Marvel comic crossover in Japan, in the November 15 issue of Brutus. It actually makes a weird sort of sense to me, since the 3D-maneuvering gear is quite Spider-man-inspired, and, well, Marvel has a long history of doing weird stuff in the Japanese market. The question on everyone’s mind: will Leopardon fight a Titan?

attack on titan marvel teaser

  • Shout Factory’s DVD release of Zyuranger is up for pre-order! They’ve said that Dairanger would be next if this does well, and I assume that means working their way forward from there.
  • Another tokusatsu preorder that’s snuck up: Koichi Sakamoto’s Travelers: Dimension Police. While not one of his best, it’s nice to see any of Sakamoto’s movies getting released stateside.

  • Across the pond, the 2014 Godzilla will have a limited edition 5-disk release in Japan. Strangely enough, there’s still no deleted scenes included in the special features (are they planning a recut in the future, maybe?), but it does include a repainted SH MonsterArts 2014 Godzilla figure. Also, since this is a 3D Blu Ray, someone was kind enough to throw in the 3D footage from the 1994 theme park ride Monster Planet of Godzilla (the one with Hello Kitty in it), which I’m pretty thrilled about. However, is that worth the high price? The MSRP is 15000 yen, but preorders are already going for nearly twice that.

g2014 blu

  • Speaking of theme parks, Universal Studios Japan will host a Cool Japan attraction between January 23 and May 10. Included will be two 15-meter titan statues from Attack on Titan (depicting a battle between Eren and a certain major female titan), an Evangelion “4D” attraction, and zones for Monster Hunter and Resident Evil as well. This sounds awesome, too bad it’s for a limited time only! [via ANN]

universal studios japan

  • In “whoah, did not see that coming” news, Belladonna of Sadness has been licensed for US distribution. The 1973 anime movie (which Osamu Tezuka’s name is on but he didn’t really work on) is really outlandish and stylistically different from what one would expect from animation of the time, so naturally the company that’ll be putting it out is a newcomer instead of a big anime company: Cinelicious Pics. I could see Belladonna turning into a psychedelic arthouse hit the same way that House did, so it’s pretty cool to see it finally get picked up in English.
    NSFW tag on the trailer:

  • The Animator Expo website has posted a Studio Khara short titled The Dragon Dentist with English subtitles. The expo has 30 short films, so it’ll be neat to watch over the next few weeks and see what else gets posted.
  • Fans of Ranma 1/2 rejoice, the series is the latest anime to join the SH Figuarts toy line,  (and considering that Ranma is a transforming character, I can’t even criticize the  “SH” inclusion)! Since everyone here at Maser Patrol HQ is sort of obsessed with the series, we’ll be sure to snap up these and any others to come in the future. Who knows, maybe they’ll include the little old lady who throws water into the street as a preorder incentive… [via thefwoosh]


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