Weekly news recap: Attack on Titan, Discotek rescues, and lots of movie previews!

Lots of cool stuff to discuss this week!

  • The big story in the past few days is the first set of character reveals from Shinji Higuchi’s Attack on Titan movie. Thirteen posters were posted at eiga.com (here and here), exploding across the net. And…yeah, they look pretty good. Speaking on Attack on Titan
    * The second season of the anime was announced for 2016, allowing plenty of time for new source material.
    * The Marvel crossover was posted online.
    * There will be a spin-off novel titled Lost Girls, hopefully unrelated to the Alan Moore comic or the Syfy TV series.


  • Next year’s Dragonball Z movie has been revealed in V Jump: it’s called Fukkatsu no F (as was pointed out to me, “F is for ‘Resurrection'” doesn’t really work in English). Judging from the picture, I think it’s safe to say that the F also refers to Frieza, who’s been Fresurrected more often than any other character in the cast: in  movies, in games, in OVAs, in filler episodes, in pretty much every story arc. I wonder how we’re supposed to take him seriously in this film after Gohan gave him the One Punch Man treatment in Fusion Reborn, but maybe they’ll give him some power-up shenanigans. Or how cool would it be if they didn’t kill him off this time, instead he became one of the reformed villain characters, and had to move in with Dende or something..? [via crunchyroll]

DBZ fresurrection

  • Gen Urobuchi (Madoka Magica, Kamen Rider Gaim) and Seiji Mizushima (Fullmetal Alchemist)’s movie Expelled from Paradise is getting a limited theatrical run in the US:

  • The Kamen Rider Drive/Kamen Rider Gaim crossover film, Armored Movie War Full Throttle, confuses the franchise’s IP further with the introduction of Kamen Rider Lupin, a thief based on the iconic Lupin character (but not the iconic Japanese Lupin). Also, it looks like they’re somehow going to reunite the Gaim cast after the quite definitive series finale.

  • The poster for next March’s Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival is so crowded that it sort of looks like a magic eye image. It does sound like they’re planning on restructuring the annual team-up movies to remove a few characters in the future, which is simultaneously both completely understandable and a little sad. [via crunchyroll]

precure allstars harunocarnival

  • Here’s a trailer for the Korean Ghost in the Shell Online game:

  • The latest ad for the Ps3 Godzilla, featuring the Planet X dance this time:

godzilla x dance ps3

  • Next, a trailer for Robot Overlords, a Shaw Brothers movie starring Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson with giant robots. (Wow, that description sounded like a madlib.) The film looks a little Transformers-for -Disney Channel, but still piques the curiosity enough for a watch once it’s out.

  • Me!Me!Me!, the latest Japan Animator Expo short up from Khara is a wild trip, essentially a long music video from TeddyLoid. It’s super NSFW, though, so be warned.


  • There were jokes when Gatchaman Crowds was announced that it would pave the way for a new version of Battle of the Planets, one of the most infamous Americanizations of the original anime. Lo and behold, it actually happened, just not how we were expecting: the Canadian company Corus is indeed producing a Battle of the Planets remake, with the same team that worked on Beyblade, but they’re doing it from scratch rather than sourcing footage from Crowds or elsewhere. This is an interesting situation, two unrelated branches of the same IP simultaneously produced on opposite sides of the planet (not unheard of, e.g. Avengers Assemble and Disk Wars), and I’m curious how this turns out…hopefully better than the Voltron remake attempts.
    Also, keep in mind, this isn’t the first western attempt at producing original Gatchaman animation, they have this to live up to. [via ANN]

Corus Battle of the Planets

  • A new Ultraman spoof manga, Ultra Tsurai-ze (“That’s Ultra-Painful”), has launched for the Japanese mangabox app. (It’s not on the English version of the app yet, however.) The first chapter features a group of loser Ultras brainstorming about possible ways to be cool heroes. [via ANN]

ultra tsurai

  • Lastly, Discotek announced a few anime titles for home video release in 2015 (it seems that they’ve abandoned live-action properties, sadly). The Magic Knight Rayearth TV series will be re-released on DVD, and on Blu Ray the following year (I will never understand the desire to watch pre-HD television shows in HD, but whatever), as well as Descendants of Darkness and IGPX. More exciting, though, is their acquisition of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, an excellent prequel to the original Saint Seiya series, which has never been available on DVD in the US (though it is streaming on crunchyroll).

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