Weekly news recap

Lots of neat stuff this week; let’s make like a Justiriser and dive right in!

Tokusatsu news:

  • With Shuriken Sentai Ninninger due to premiere on February 15, it’s about time for images of the new Super Sentai team to start leaking through merchandising catalogs. Quite a few toy images have surfaced, but this is the best look at the team so far as I’ve seen. [via herotaku]


  • Much like Kamen Rider W’s character-focused side-stories for Accel and Eternal, Kamen Rider Gaim will be getting two special direct-to-video gaidens for Baron and Zangetsu. There are other riders in the show that I would’ve preferred to see get some more spotlight (namely Bravo, Sid, Gridon, and Marika), but I’m still keen to see what they do with these. [via tokusatsunetwork]
  • Generation Kikaida’s release of Kikaider Reboot is up for preorder, shipping next week!

kikaider reboot dvd

  • A sequel to the movie adaptation of the dystopian bibliophile actioner Library Wars is coming in October 2015. [via crunchyroll]

library wars last mission

  • A trailer is up for Hail to the King, a documentary about Kaijucast’s Kyle Yount on a trip to Japan for Godzilla’s 60th anniversary.

space deleter

  • Bebop and Rocksteady have been confirmed for the upcoming Ninja Turtles sequel film, along with Casey Jones. We’re pretty much Krang away from a full cartoon line-up! (fingers crossed for bugged-out Baxter Stockman as well) [via screenrant]

Anime news:

  • The trailer for the back half of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders has finally caught up to the content in the early 90’s OVAs. Here’s hoping it holds up as well!

  • The 1983 Tatsunoko henshin cop show Future Police Urashiman has never been available in the US (despite Saban’s plans to butcher distribute it back in the day), so it came as a bit of a surprise that the first 26 episodes been picked up for streaming. Even more surprising, the licensor is not Anime Sols this time, but The Anime Network, who I tend to associate with more (*ahem*) mainstream properties. If this means that the company will be branching out into more exclusive content and older series that have never gotten translated, I’ll very likely have to renew my subscription with them. [via ANN]

  • Did Krillin shave his head again? Of all the continuity problems presented by the new Dragonball Z: F of Resurrection movie trailer, that’s the most explainable.

  • Gainax president Hiroyuki Yamaga made a statement recently assuring that his Wings of Honneamise follow-up Uru in Blue is still coming, just in 2018. Given the long history of delays on that project, expecting it to hold to a 2014 release wasn’t feasible, but they have promised a preview short for worldwide release next spring. [via ANN]
  • Nine and a half minutes of the new Space Battleship Yamato 2199 movie have been posted online. I imagine that Voyager will pick this up for American distribution eventually, but they’ve been mum about the final volumes of the TV series for several months now.

Manga news:

  • Viz has picked up distribution rights for Junji Ito’s recent series, Fragments of Horror. I haven’t read this one, but the cover’s homage to a certain Edvard Munch painting feels pretty congruous with Ito’s other work.

Fragments of Horror

  • The undead/triclops martial arts saga 3×3 Eyes is getting a sequel in web comic format. Who knows, maybe if it gets popular Dark Horse might stop sitting on the last 32 volumes of  the original manga? [via ANN]

3x3 eyes

Game news:

  • Bandai/Namco’s PS3 Godzilla game will be coming to North America next summer, and it’s also getting ported to PS4. There’s a free demo up right now if you have a Japanese PSN account, though.

  • Here’s a promo for Lost Heroes 2, the most recent Ultraman/Kamen Rider/Gundam crossover game, coming to 3DS on February 5.

Toy news:

  • It looks like Megahouse is doing the entire cast of Digimon Adventure in figure format. Based on the figures released so far, I’d project the whole collection to run over $400, so proceed with caution! [via tomopop]


  • Despite being Pacific Rim‘s best robot, Striker Eureka is arguably the worst represented in merchandising, as NECA’s first two toy lines were sort of infamous for problems. While the company has stated that they have no plans to redo the mech for their 7″ series, they did post an intriguing-looking image of an 18-inch figure next to their original. I’d wait for reviews before preordering, but hopefully this has some nice strong joints to prevent accidental toppling/breakage.

striker eureka 18 inch

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