Weekly news recap: X-mas Eve Eve Eve Eve edition

Time for a special X-mas edition of the weekly tokusatsu/anime/manga news recap! To get into the mood:

Well, that escalated quickly. Anyway, on to the news:

  • The new trailer for Garo: Goldstorm looks great:

  • The first trailer is out for the anime adaptation of Yasuhiro Nightow’s manga Blood Blockade Battlefront, airing in April:

  • Evangelion fans will want to check out the latest Japan Animator Expo short, until You come to me.
  • The latest PV for Code Geass: Akito in Exile episode 3 has some familiar faces in it:


  • In “some hardcore fans dug up an obscure bit of apocrypha and thrust it into the limelight” news, the next Super Hero Taisen movie will feature Kamen Rider 3. Not V3, the popular and commonly-acknowledged third Kamen Rider, but rather the obscure hero from a one shot 1972 manga by Norihiko Ishikawa and Shotaro Ishinomori. I love when creative types reincorporate long-forgotten elements of a series, and this is also an interesting way of continuing Toei’s fixation on Showa vs. Heisei riders without it getting grating. Although, it does sort of defeat the purpose if they give him a complete redesign, as the news pictures seem to suggest. [via tokunet]

kamen rider 3new kamen rider 3

  • Amidst the hype of several major shows ending this week, news of one finale nearly slipped through the cracks: SciFi Japan TV. The show was excellent while it lasted; it’ll be missed. Geek Crash Course is also ending… man, I’ll miss these web shows.

  • Tatsunoko’s new Yoru no Yatterman anime will start on January 11. [via ANN]
  • Hulu has added a whole lot of Tsuburaya shows… in Japan. Tsuburaya’s international marketability for the first six Ultra shows is murky, but this news does make one wonder… after all, Ultraman Towards the Future is on the US version of Hulu (and, ironically, it is not one of the 15 shows on the Japanese site).
  • Funimation has announced plans to release the Nobunagun anime on home video in summer 2015. This is swell, since it was one of my favorite anime shows of the year, but I’m sort of wondering if they’ll pick up on some of the more esoteric Ultraman references when they do the dub.

  • Sentai Filmworks has picked up a bunch of new anime licenses as well, including DD Fist of the North Star (the SD comedy that tells about the daily lives of the Fist of the North Star characters in a world where the apocalypse never happened), She the Ultimate Weapon (AKA Saishuu Heiki Kanojo, or Saikano (not to be confused with Saekano) for short, the pretty sad war story with a cyborg schoolgirl), and the Psychic Squad spinoff Unlimited Psychic Squad (changing the name from The Unlimited- Hyobu Kyosuke for obvious marketing reasons). All three of these shows are worth a watch, but since two are spinoffs and the other is a re-release, I’m not expecting these to smash any sales records. They’re also putting out Nobunaga the Fool, I guess.

  • The last Naruto movie will be getting some US theatrical distribution. [via crunchyroll]
  • There’s a stage play version of Usagi Yojimbo going on in London:

  • Finally, here’s a fan-made redo of the Parasyte the Maxim opening done with the manga’s character designs. Like I said, aesthetics have changes since the 80s.

Until next time, happy X-mas!

kabutack movie

x mas daimajin


santa godzilla godzilla tree 2 godzilla tree

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