Weekly news recap: December 28

Hope everyone had a merry X-mas, or at least got to watch the kaiju marathon on El Rey Network:

Anyway, let’s watch some trailers!

  • The trailer is out for the second half of Takashi Yamazaki’s live-action Parasyte duology, and it looks fairly action-packed:

  • Promos have started for Shuriken Sentai Ninninjer, which starts February 15th:

  • And with a new Super Sentai comes a new Pretty Cure. The first promo is out for Go Princess PreCure, as well as an ad for next year’s PreCure All Stars crossover movie, Spring Carnival. The show starts February 1, so a lot of character models and publicity art is beginning to show up.

princess precure

Those “Mode Elegant” skirts look hard to fight in. [via ANN]

Cure FloraCure MermaidCure Twinkle

  • An ad for Yoru no Yatterman, featuring descendants of the Doronbo gang taking up the monikers of their famous predecessor. Let’s face it, considering the previous Yatterman incarnations, just making a series starring the franchise’s villains is hardly a stretch.

  • The 15-second ad for the Nyarlko-san OVA Haiyore Nyaruko-san F contains both a henshin pose and a rider kick.

Distributor news:

  • In all honesty, about 90% of the reason why I follow news about Funimation’s release of Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo is Shinji Higuchi’s amazing Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo short that’s supposed to be included in the special features. However, the movie does appear to be actively laying groundwork for the final installment (allegedly out next fall), and considering how dialogue-heavy it was, it would behoove us to get the best translation possible. Apparently Funimation and Khara think so too, as the companies are working together on the release, which is the cause for delays. There are two common speculations about why Khara is so particular this time around, and neither makes them look great. The first is that they slipped something so cryptically nuanced into the work that Funimation wouldn’t be able to come up with a satisfactory translation on their own, and Khara’s afraid to just explain it because of the dreaded spoiler. The other fan theory is that Khara reps saw English-speaking fans reacting poorly to the US theatrical run of the movie, and assumed that Funimation must’ve screwed up and that it couldn’t possibly be a problem with the film itself. Either way, here’s hoping that they get this resolved quickly, for the God Warrior short if nothing else.

  • Discotek announced another batch of licenses, including the cycling anime Yowamushi Pedal, and Lupin the 3rd: Jigen’s Gravestone, which are likely the objective biggest gets, but their other three title acquisitions are more interesting to scifi/fantasy fans. These are Toei’s 1975 Little Mermaid anime movie (which is already available on US DVD, albeit dub-only and censored), the 1994 Zeiram prequel OVA Iria: Zeiram the Animation (which has gotten numerous US releases because it is awesome; though this news sort of dashes the chances of Media Blasters ever releasing a box set of both Zeiram movies and Iria together), and Go Nagai World (the SD comedy with Mazinger, Devilman, and Violence Jack characters that’s never been officially released in the US before). Personally: I’m keen to pick up Go Nagai World, but as much as I love Iria, it’s going to take some special features to quadruple-dip on it (anyone who hasn’t seen it ought to pick it up, though). The other stuff would most likely be rental-first.

NSFW warning because Go Nagai:

  • Isao Takahata’s The Tale of Princess Kaguya is due out on North American BD/DVD on February 17. It’s a little surprising that this is a Universal release (the theatrical run was through G-Kids, I know), since Disney’s been pretty ardent about snapping up Studio Ghibli films; hopefully it gets as wide a distribution as it deserves.

Other news:

  • The live-action Ao Oni movie’s getting a sequel. Still haven’t seen the first one yet, but it looked cool. [via ANN]

ao oni 2

That about wraps things up for this week, and most likely until the new year. Looking forward to posting more news, reviews, podcasts, and articles in 2015!

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