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Maser Patrol podcast episode 18: What we’ve been watching (winter 2015)

In a not-particularly-structured episode, Andy, Josh, and Kevin shoot the breeze about what they’ve been watching lately… because according to Funimation, they should be watching, after all. If you wonder what we think about Parasyte the Maxim, Garo the Animation, … Continue reading

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Weekend news recap: January 25

This week’s assortment of spiffy Japanese-ish SF/fantasy/horror stuff from around the web: The American Dead Rising movie looks better than the Japanese one: Hey, they snuck a trailer for the Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden movies into this toy commercial! We … Continue reading

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Weekend news recap: Speaking of which…

Not a lot of news this week: The Metal Hero-inspired Clamp manga series Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders has been licensed by Viz for a digital re-release. The old Tokyopop printings are still fairly easy to find, and since this (being … Continue reading

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Spoofer Sentai USA: America’s history of released parodies to an unseen franchise

Have you heard of Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (AKA The Man Who Saves the World)? It’s a relatively mediocre Turkish movie most notorious for having major special effects sequences lifted from Star Wars. In reality, the film is a curiosity, an … Continue reading

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2-weekly news recap

There was no news recap last weekend, since not a lot of announcements come out of Japan around New Year’s, but that just means that there’s plenty of neat stuff to post this week. Let’s start, as usual, with some … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 17: Millennium Godzilla (and beyond?)

Rounding out our 6-or-7-part Godzilla retrospective, Andy and Kevin chat for about two hours about the Millennium/Shinsei Godzilla film series (made between 1999-2004) then speculate wildly about the recently-announced 2016 movie. Apologies in advance for a generally poor memory of the … Continue reading

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