Weekend news recap: Speaking of which…

Not a lot of news this week:

  • The Metal Hero-inspired Clamp manga series Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders has been licensed by Viz for a digital re-release. The old Tokyopop printings are still fairly easy to find, and since this (being quite tokusatsu-influenced) wasn’t one of Clamp’s more popular outings here, I guess I can understand them going digitally instead of issuing a new print omnibus edition (even if it is my favorite *grumblegrumble*). Clamp’s anthology manga Shirahime Syo is also getting a new digital edition. [via ANN]


  • Speaking of unexpected distribution, Kill La Kill will be running on Toonami starting February 7th. I guess it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise: it’s mad popular, and not nearly as risque as people make it out to be, so it can run on [adult swim] with minimal censorship (insert usual rant about the network standards here). I imagine this will make home video prices for the series drop in the long run, too.

  • Speaking of Studio Trigger, this week’s Japan Animator Expo short is a Denkou Choujin Gridman epilogue directed by Trigger’s Akira Amemiya. The anime is slavishly faithful to Tsuburaya’s 1993 tokusatsu show (see the gif below from 4chan); hopefully it revives interest in the forgotten kyodai hero franchise (c’mon crunchyroll!).
    trigger gridman
  • Speaking of crunchyroll, they just added Toho’s 1968 capstone kaiju feature Destroy All Monsters to their streaming service. While this isn’t much of a revolution for those of us who have the Media Blasters blu ray (er… the later, totally authorized version. Toho lawyers, please don’t ransack my home!), it does show that crunchy is willing to work with Toho to get their streaming tokusatsu content online (though it looks like MB did most of the work here). So, I’ve gotta ask… any chance on streaming Zone Fighter? If not, well, at least Destroy All Monsters is awesome, and more people will be exposed to it this way.

  • Speaking of Toho, Toho monster cards are coming to the Battle Spirits Japanese trading card game franchise. Packs are already up for preorder on hlj and amiami. At 57 cards in the line-up, one’s got to wonder: will any of the Godzilla Trading Battle original kaiju be making a comeback?

  • Continuing to speak of Toho, there’s a tweet from suit actor Koji Shirahama about a possible Gransazer revival. While that would be all kinds of awesome, please take it with a healthy dose of skepticism. [via tokusatsu network]
  • Speaking of rampant speculation, Disney’s scheduled the live-action Ghost in the Shell for April 14, 2017 (the weekend after Pacific Rim 2 comes out… that’s a lot to live up to!). Apparently the director will be Snow White and the Huntsman‘s Rupert Sanders, also rumored to be attached to a Van Helsing remake… that doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence, but again, I can wait for a trailer. [via crunchyroll]

That’s all we got for this news recap; short and sweet!

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