Maser Patrol podcast episode 18: What we’ve been watching (winter 2015)

In a not-particularly-structured episode, Andy, Josh, and Kevin shoot the breeze about what they’ve been watching lately… because according to Funimation, they should be watching, after all.

If you wonder what we think about Parasyte the Maxim, Garo the Animation, Cross Ange, Sailor Moon Crystal, Aldnoah ZeroTerra Formars, Blue Blazes, Kamen Rider Drive, Kikaider Reboot, Yatterman Night, Gonna be a Twin TailAssassination Classroom, Stardust Crusaders, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, and other recently-released entertainment, well, this might be worth a listen.

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BTW: The music cover at the end of this episode comes from our buddy at Fireteamtorch Piano. He wrote a pretty swanky Cutie Honey theme cover for me a while back, and I still haven’t found occasion to include it.

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