Weekend News Roundup for February 7

Some cool stuff hit the web this week:

  • There’s a new trailer out for Garo: Gold Storm. While some of the footage we’ve seen before, there’s certainly enough new to get hyped about.

  • Takashi Miike is doing a live-action Terra Formars film. This is an interesting choice, as I don’t really associate Miike with creature features (though Great Yokai War and Zebraman certainly qualify), so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. Fingers crossed for practical effects cockroach monsters! [via ANN]
  • The latest Japan Animator Expo short? Evangelion Another Impact, from Appleseed‘s Shinji Aramaki, is as gorgeous as Eva‘s ever looked. Man, every week this project knocks it out of the park!

evangelion another impact

  • In “holy cow that came out of nowhere” news, Ushio & Tora is getting a new anime TV series. The 1992 10-episode buddy demon-and-exorcist OVA was one of our favorites back in the day for its combination of zany cartoonish expressions with over-the-top violence, and despite stuff like Parasyte and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure getting TV shows now, this still came as a surprise. The new series is also exciting because it’s being handled by MAPPA (Garo the Animation has been stellar so far), it will be written by Toshiki Inoue (who I still maintain is a pretty damn good writer, even if he’s had missteps here and there), and it’s from Trigun director Satoshi Nishimura. I’m psyched! [via crunchyroll]

ushio & tora TV

  • Persona 5 has a new trailer. Some folks are pretty hyped.

  • Discotek picked up the license for “Sci Fi Saturday Anime” staple Robot Carnival, an excellent anthology that hasn’t been available in the US since its VHS release in 1987. In other news, they’re putting out the Street Fighter II movie and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, which are also fine films but have been issued on R1 DVD several times before. Discotek also partnered with Crunchyroll to put out several of their licensed shows on DVD, none of which I’m keen on, but it does set an interesting precedent for the two companies.

  • Many times I’ve expressed a desire for a chart that actually breaks down Godzilla movies by the monster’s screen time, usually when debating the relative merits of Final Wars. Well, it’s finally happened, thanks to Joker Cluster! It really puts things into an interesting perspective, especially considering how rarely I hear complaints levied against Invasion of Astro Monster.
    Godzilla Screentime Precent

Oh, what the heck, here’s some western (and wild-western) stuff:

  • Playarts is doing a Wild West-themed Batman figure, which raises lots of questions: How does he grapple between buildings that are all one story tall? Is his Batmobile a horse-drawn buggy (with fins on the side and rocket booster)? How’d he see Mark of Zorro as a kid if the events that inspired it hadn’t happened yet? Oh, what the heck, it’s fun. [via toy news international]


  • The miniatures in the new Thunderbirds look pretty good:

  • Youtube review channel Toy Pizza is kickstarting their own Sentai-ish toy line. Let’s see if Saban brings down the lawsuit hammer.

That’s it for this week. By the way, if you’re at Anime Milwaukee next weekend, swing by their Tokusatsu panel on Friday to see Kevin bemoan the current state of Japanese cinema educate the masses on the relationship between tokusatsu and anime. Or just wait for the podcast version, ’cause that’ll happen eventually too.

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