Weekly news recap: Walking in a Winter WonderFest…

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! It’s the time of year to help Jill defend Raccoon City, to watch Ivy claim the Soul Calibur, to do whatever Vincent does in Dirge of Cerberus.  Oh, and I guess spend time with the ones you love, because, y’know…Godzilla vs Space Godzilla is a profound movie Anyway, there’s not much to talk about this week newswise, excluding the whammy that was Winter Wonder Festival. But before that:

  • A trailer for the live-action Assassination Classroom was out last week, just forgot to post it:

  • The latest ad for Super Hero Wars GP has a much closer look at Kamen Rider 3, as well as a few of the previous rider cameos throughout the film (including returning actors from Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider 555, Kamen Rider Blade, and Kamen Rider Den-Oh) and the new Super Sentai series Ninninger. On top of that, an original character (simply named “Kamen Rider #4″… boy this is going to get confusing) will appear in a three-part tie-in internet series. I dig the Rider 4 design; it’s very old-school with a touch of the Masked Rider the First or SIC-type modernization. [via tokusatsu network]

kamen rider number four

  • The trailer for The Last Knights looks more like an adaptation of 47 Ronin than the last 47 Ronin movie was. It’s Hollywood for sure, but directed by Kazuaki Kiriya (Goemon, Casshern).

  • Vertical announced that they have the license to the Ninja Slayer light novel series, no doubt in anticipation of the anime adaptation by Studio Trigger. The Japanese faux-American faux-Japanese books might present some interesting translation challenges; I’m sort of interested to see how this plays out. (inb4 someone claims it’s making fun of their fanfiction…)


  • Viz announced that they’re working on a Hollywood film adaptation of the Sayuri Ueda short story The Street of Fruiting Bodies, which is about a rash of hallucinogens that show people the afterlife. After the success that Viz had getting All You Need is Kill adapted into Edge of Tomorrow, I’m keen to see more Haikasoru imprint titles get adapted for US screens (especially MM9, ’cause that book’s amazing). [via crunchyroll]

Alright, let’s talk collectibles!

  • Winter Wonder Festival 2015 was last weekend, and some very intriguing stuff got teased by some of the big toy companies. Figma announced a bunch of unexpected figures, ranging from Magic Knight Rayearth to Kyukoku Chojin R. My money’s on the figma of Yugi-oh‘s Yugi, though. [via collectiondx]
    figma-yugi Max Factory is also going to be releasing a 1/350 kit for Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim. It’s nice to see more Japanese companies getting involved in making stuff for the film.
    gipsy danger kitAlso previewed: A Nendoroid of Mako from Kill la Kill in her 2-star uniform, as well as Ryuko’s final form from the same show [via the child who never grew up]:
    mako-2-star ryuko final form good smile
    Anthropomorphic Ultra monsters Zetton and Baltan [via Akiba Hobby]
    zetton girl baltan girl
    and the most exciting figure prototype, a Medicos Super Action Statue of Shinichi (and Migi) from Parasyte! Also some Tokyo Ghoul announcements and the spirit from Ajin. Their Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stuff is pretty good, so I’ve got hopes for these as well. [via amiami]
    medicos parasytemedicos ajin
    Lastly, I’m pretty stoked that Monthly Hero’s magazine was already promoting the upcoming anime adaptation of their Swordgai manga.
    swordguy anime display
  • Also, new Neca stuff from Toy Fair (unsourced images via 4chan):
    video game repaint godzillamonster of monsters NES godzilla
    It looks like Neca’s attempting a Godzilla repaint to match the color scheme from the NES game Godzilla: Monster of Monsters. Of course, I’d rather they go with the 1964 suit (or even 1954) instead of 1984 for their base model, but do I appreciate the effort. Has anyone even made figures for this game in Japan?
    pacrim chibis Also, Pacific Rim chibi figures, and of some unexpected characters, to boot. These appear to be replicas of the toys that you see kids playing with in the montage at the beginning of the film; I wonder if they’d continue with others in the same style for a second wave.

Whew, my wallet’s hemorrhaging already! On that note, let’s close up the news recap and enjoy some chocolate!

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