Weekly news recap: One Punch Man TV anime and more

Time for our weekly dose of cool stories from the world of Japanese monsters, superheroes, and diet soft drinks!

  • The hot story for this week is that a TV anime adaptation has been announced for Yusuke Murata and ONE’s downright-amazing superhero comedy One Punch Man. I’m curious how the manga’s art will transition to animation, whether non-Jump elements of the original webcomic will be preserved,etc, but I’m fairly optimistic that even an imperfect adaptation will be pretty entertaining. More details are apparently being announced March 21 at Anime Japan. [via ANN]

one punch man anime announcement

  • Since we’re talking about excellent superhero manga, Viz picked up the license to the henshin hero (henshin villain?) deconstruction manga Ratman, and will start distributing it digitally on March 24th. I was quite disappointed when Tokyopop ceased printing the series at volume 4 (due to the company folding and all), so it’s great to see it getting another chance.
    Oh, and I guess Tokyo Ghoul is getting released at the same time(it’s also pretty good). [via crunchyroll]


  •  The Japan Animator Expo is on hiatus, but they just posted a trailer for their “second season”. I’m excited!

  • ANN has a gallery of the life-size-ish (wrong incarnation for that scale) Godzilla bust that’s gone up over Toho cinemas in Kabukicho. A good addition to destinations for a Tokyo tourist, who before only had the Godzilla statue in Hibiya and the one at Toho studios, which are both on a more human scale. Well, I guess there’s also the Yokosuka Godzilla slide. And that temporary statue that went up for the 2014 film….
    toho cinemas godzilla bust
  • Oh, and Godzilla vs. Megalon is on crunchyroll now, too. I figure most people interested would have the DVD/BD by now, though.
  • Sentai Filmworks has an early dub trailer for the Parasyte anime, which they just announced home video rights to.

  • Speaking of which, Toho put out a compilation of the first Parasyte movie to get people hyped for the next. It looks really good; looking forward to when it hits home video.

  • The latest ad for Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F has a cameo by Jaco the galactic patrolman:

  • Also, Freeza’s being used to sell diet soda:

  • The upcoming PC game Hyper Galaxy Fleet features classically stylized aliens, robots, and space monsters:
    hyper galaxy fleet 1
    And, because this is Japan, they also transform into cute girls.
    hyper galaxy fleet 3 hyper galaxy fleet 2 I guess the whole Ultra Kaiju personification thing is popular enough to get imitators?

So, yeah, that’s what caught our eye this week. If we missed something neat, let us know in the comments! Seeya next time!

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