Weekly news roundup: Turtles all the way down

Kaiju and super heroes and Hiroshi Abe as a stretchy man – oh, my! It must be time for the weekly news recap!

Kaiju stuff:

  • Somehow I missed this back in January: Sion Sono’s new movie Love & Peace may sound like a catchphrase for Galford D Weiler or Vash the Stampede, but the film is actually about a wannabe-rock-star-turned-salaryman dealing with life’s unexpected consequences…including a giant turtle. Kiyotaka Taguchi (G, Gehara, Next Generation Patlabor) is on special effects for the film, so it’s good to know that even if the Gamera 50th anniversary flick doesn’t happen, there’ll still be a giant turtle crushing Tokyo on the screens this summer. (On a side note, how many movies does Sono direct in a year? There’s this, Shinjuku Swan, the All Esper Dayo movie, and The Chasing World all in 2015!)

  • Speaking of Gamera, the monster was apparently brought out for a brief appearance at the 2015 Chofu Film Festival. It looks like the 1995 suit, so don’t get too excited about implication for a new movie here, though. [via kaijusaurus]

  • Earth Defense Force 4 is getting re-released for the Playstation 4:

  • The first volume of the Attack on Titan manga is available online translated into Kansai dialect, complete with different cover art featuring staples of Osaka culture [via crunchyroll]:

attack on titan osaka

Henshin Heroes/Magical Girls:

  • The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid anime is due in Japan on April 3rd. I wonder about its prospects for simulcast, since Nanoha Strikers isn’t officially available in English.


  • Nankai Railway in Osaka made a full episode of their own hero show, Rapi:tldier… including an English version! Granted, it’s not exactly good, but we gotta appreciate the effort. [via ANN]

  • Symphogear‘s third season, Symphogear GX, is coming in July! [via ANN]

symphogear GX

  • Sentai studio simulator Chroma Squad has a release date (spoilers: it’s April 30th)

  • Minky Momo: The Fairy Princess of Dream Land is now available on amazon VOD. It’s one of those newly-dubbed compilation movies along the lines of the recent Gaiking and Starzinger releases.


  • The April 11th episode of the anthology drama Tales of the Unusual (commemorating the 25th year of the show) will star Hiroshi Abe as a gangster who, upon receiving an injury, eats a Gum Gum Fruit while recuperating at the hospital, gains rubber powers, and eventually meets One Piece‘s Luffy. Holy cow, I hope this gets fansubbed. [via crunchyroll]
  • tales of the unusual 25th Norman England just posted some images from Yoshihiro Nishimura’s movie Ninja War Torakage.  I think that any concerns about the G-rating toning down Nishimura’s penchant for monstrously bizarre designs can be assuaged by this single picture:

ninja war torakage

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