Weekly new recap for March 22

Cool new stuff we saw this week:

  • Forgot to post this last week, a promo for Toho Cinemas featuring the Minions from Despicable Me and one of Toho’s biggest stars.

  • Totally missed this until Amanda saw it on store shelves: A Kim Jong-Il Production is a new book highlighting the creation of the 1985 North Koran kaiju flick Pulgasari. It’s a fascinating story, and I’m glad to see that awareness of it is spreading, even though Pulgasari and its remake Galgameth aren’t available on DVD in the US.

a kim production

  • The most-hyped thing to hit Japanese pop culture this week was a first real trailer (i.e. not a car commercial) for Shinji Higuchi’s Attack on Titan duology (coming August 1 and September 19). In true Japanese form, the ad originally premiered on a TV variety show and had panelists’ pic-in-pic reactions in the corner, but now Toho has posted a cleaner version.

  • The Last Days on Mars-director Ruairi Robinson wants to make a scifi whaling movie titled The Leviathan, and released a promo to generate buzz. It’s always cool to see giant monsters on the screen, so here’s hoping it actually gets made.


  • A trailer for the European Astro Boy Reboot show. It’s always a little weird to see Atom with  clothes on, isn’t it?

  • In unexpected-dub news, Kagoshima’s super hero/tourism mascot show Satsuma Kenshi Hayato is getting dubbed into English on youtube [via gaijinder]:

  • Have you ever wondered just how frenetic and vulgar Hiroyuki Imaishi (Kill La Kill, Dead Leaves, Panty & Stocking) could get it he weren’t even remotely restrained by the desire to make his animation commercially viable? Well, the answer has arrived in his short for Japan Animator Expo: Sex & Violence with Machspeed. Warning: It lives up to the title.
    There is a giant monster in it; the main character is the dude with his hand up its butt:

sex violence machspeed That’s all we got for this week. As always, please leave suggestions/ corrections/ interjections/advertisements for cheap sunglasses in the comments below!

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