Special Edition: Habemus Directorem!

hideaki anno blue blazes

Hideaki Anno is one of the most interesting personalities in the Japanese entertainment industry. The dude even had two concurrent, unrelated TV shows running about his life; how often does that happen? It’s easy to see why: he went from an unknown fanboy to Hayo Miyazaki’s successor, and he’s a fantastic artist. You can admire his animation skills in works like Macross and Nausicaa, his direction in Gunbuster and Nadia, his producer power with The Japan Animator Expo, his acting talent in Death Kappa (okay, maybe not that last one). He’s a heck of a figure (sometimes literally):

daicon ultraman figure Well, he’s been picked as director for Toho’s 2016 Godzilla film, along with his old Daicon/Gainax compatriot Shinji Higuchi on special effects. We also got a teaser poster:

godzilla 2016 poster That trilobite! Anyway, we at Maser Patrol are pretty die-hard Anno fans (more on that to come at some point), so this news is super exciting. We’ll be doing a round-table about him at some point, but until then, check out this ANN article with some fun facts. It seems like this movie’s in good hands!

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