Maser Patrol podcast episode 20: Hideaki Anno

In this episode, Kevin, Andy, and Josh talk about the major prior works of Hideaki Anno, the director of the upcoming Toho Godzilla flick. He’s an eccentric weirdo, for sure, but he has also created some of the best animation of all time, kicked off a major player in the industry, and gotten himself canonized as an Ultraman. Plus, as a fellow über-nerd, it’s hard not to cheer for the dude.

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Show notes:

  • First: We totally spaced and forgot to mention Ando Lloyd~AI knows love, the romantic Terminator-esque TV drama about a woman whose husband is assassinated by robots from the future, then she’s rescued and protected by another robot… with her dead husband’s face. It’s pretty sweet, and naturally full of Ultraman and Doraemon nods.

  • The God Warrior:

  • The Daicon openings:

  • Return of Ultraman:

  • If we weren’t clear, Gunbuster is freaking great.

  • The Cutie Honey movie is a live-action cartoon:

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  1. Andrew Bassett says:

    We are such trolls.

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