Weekly news recap for April 19th

What’s new in the world of kaiju, henshin heroes, and super robots this week, you ask? It’s time to find out with our regularly scheduled news recap!

  • First order of business: RIP comic artist Herb Trimpe, most relevant to this site for his contributions to Marvel’s Godzilla and Shogun Warriors comics, but also a legend of the industry in his own right. His Godzilla design is an icon, as it was used on pretty much any licensed Godzilla product for decades:


On to merrier topics:

  • Holy cow, is that a new Grendizer anime? Well, yes, and no: this anime commercial is for the Grendizer Giga manga. We won’t be seeing the manga released here any time soon (Go Nagai apparently has a moratorium on US manga releases), but at least we can watch the sweet commercial.

  • We may not be getting a new Grendizer show, but that doesn’t mean that Dynamic Productions doesn’t have any treats in store for us: a new Devilman anime is in the works for release in the fall, from Kotetsushin Jeeg/Mazinkaiser SKL‘s Actas studio. Based on the teaser poster, it looks like they’re going with the 1972 TV show’s color scheme for the character; this makes me wonder if they’ll be using other aspects from that version (e.g. the lack of Ryo as a character, Devilman’s completely different origin, his short shorts) as well. [via ANN]

2015 devilman

  • This image of Ultraman X has been circulating online. The Bandai influence is strong with this one. (Like most of the recent Ultra-stuff, it’s airing during Ultraman Retsuden.)

ultraman x

  • A new live-action Death Note TV series is in the works for July. It seems to me that that ship has long since sailed, but if they can do something original with it (maybe make it a killer-of-the-week thing, or redo it as a comedy?) it might be cool. [via ANN]
  • Hey, a full trailer for Attack on Titan! Not sure about the script, but the visuals sure look decent.

  • Speaking of Attack on Titan, these toy cars from Takara Tomy are adorable. Just 896 yen!


  • A full trailer for Mamoru Hosoda’s movie The Boy and the Beast:

  • I’m sort of torn about hyping this any more, but whatever: Mega Shark vs. Kolossus has a trailer now.

  • One last piece of not exactly monster/scifi/horror news, but of possible interest as well: The Criterion Collection just picked up the Lady Snowblood films, the violent exploitation series based on Kazuo Koike’s manga. Any fans of Kill Bill who haven’t seen these movies are doing themselves a disservice!

That’s all we got for this week! Catch ya next time!

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