Weekly news recap: Free Comic Book Day 2015

Hope everyone in North America got their free copy of the Avengers/Attack on Titan crossover today! Anyway, here’s a rundown of the neat Japanese scifi/horror/fantasy media stories from this week; it’s a light one.

  • Here’s a look at Ultraman X in action:


  • The latest ad for Ao Oni Ver. 2.0:

  • Madman’s ad for the theatrical screenings of the live-action Attack on Titan movies in Australia and New Zealand. C’mon American distributors, are you going to let them beat you to this?

  • Guillermo del Toro promoting The Next Generation Patlabor, not out of any vested interest, just because he’s a fan. Man, he seems like a cool dude that I’d like to hang out with.

  • Presumably due to the success of the two recent Dragonball anime films, a new sequel TV series Dragonball Super will be hitting in July. Let’s just hope it’s not just a re-airing of Dragonball GT with the violence cut out and cropped to widescreen.
  • I forgot to mention Franken Fran on the rundown of Japan’s best Frankenstein media, but it’s an extremely gory ero-guro manga about a teenage-ish girl-ish mad scientist/homunculus. Anyway, it’s been picked up for English distribution by Seven Seas entertainment, and considering their successful distribution of stuff like Dance in the Vampire Bund and Monster Musume, it’s not hard to see what their rationale is.
  • franken franLast order of business is a new manga based on a Shotaro Ishinomori classic (albeit one of his minor works):Kuzuryu.  The remake manga will be running in Comic Ran and will be done by Appleseed XIII‘s Akira Miyagawa. It’s always nice to see the man’s non Cyborg 009/Kamen Rider works getting remembered. [via ANN]

Baiyaku Kakebacho Kuzuryu remake

That’s it for this week; now back to the free comics!


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