Inaccurately named “weekly” news recap

…….annnnnnnd we’re pretty late on the most recent weekly news recap. Instead of the regular weekly post, which should have been out on Piccolo Day (or is it Goku Day now?), we got wrapped up in con season and didn’t have a chance to review. I will say that there was some fun stuff I found out at Anime Central this year:

  • Viz is hyping the new Ultraman manga release pretty well, and are giving away free previews of it among other samplers at their booth. The reps there didn’t have any info on plans for the sequel novels to MM9, though, so I guess we kaiju fans better keep asking for those!
  • Crunchyroll’s licensing department is working to increase the website’s tokusatsu content, not just from Tsuburaya but other studios as well.
  • Media Blasters has physical copies of 009-1: End of the Beginning out now. It sounds like the company’s relationship with Toho is still good, and they’re discussing reissuing some of their now-out-of-print kaiju DVD releases on Blu Ray. No word about new title acquisitions, but I got the impression that they’re pretty open to suggestions if there’s enough demand.
  • Discotek is officially out of the live-action movie market, and moving to anime-only releases. It’s a shame since their releases of War in Space, Mikadroid, and Bye Bye Jupiter were fantastic, but understandable since they weren’t exactly hot sellers.

Anyway, on to the news:

  • On the more sympathetic side of IP battles, Toho has sued Voltage Pictures over their pitch for Nacho Vigalondo’s kaiju spoof Colossal. While at first I thought “Yeah, the concept of ‘a woman with a psychic connection to the monster’ is laughably derivative of Heisei kaiju flicks, but Toho’s probably just being overzealous again”, but when I saw the concept art (literally minutes of photoshop went into this!) I had to agree that Voltage was basically stealing stuff:
  • colossal concept posterIn other Amerikaiju news, there’s going to be a third Sharktopus picture, titled Sharkopus vs. Whalewolf. I kid you not, it’s one of seven new shark movies on Syfy the week of July 18th.


  • I stopped going to Universal Studios right around the time their awesome King Kong ride burned down. Evidently they want to rekindle (no pun intended) that magic with a new Kong attraction called Skull Island:Reign of Kong.

  • Neca’s flying Otachi figure, one of the most anticipated in their Pacific Rim line, hits in July, for a Toy-R-Us-shelf-unfriendly $79.99.

flying otachi neca

  • Danny Trejo’s next film looks mecha-tastic:

juarez 2045

  • A cool interview has hit with Luigi Cozzi about hit infamous colorized Italian version of the original Godzilla.

Hey, let’s talk about some actual Japanese stuff, shall we?

  • Dekaranger is gettting a 10-years-later movie! If there’s a single Super Sentai series that I’m most keen on revisiting, this is it, so I’m pretty psyched for it.

  • Sentai spoof Kanpai Senshi After V is getting a second season… I was not expecting that. [via tokunation]

after v season 2

  • Digimon Adventure tri isn’t coming until November, and will apparently be a 6-part film series. On the plus side, what’s in the trailer looks pretty good!

  • The Ultraman-themed bar Kaiju Sakaba already has a manga, but it’s also getting a TV anime titled Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai, starting July 7. [via amiami]

kaiju sakaba kanpai

  • An anime adaptation of Young Black Jack, the modern prequel to Tezuka’s classic surgical hero, has been planned for the fall. [via crunchyroll]
  • young black jack anime Warner is releasing the first season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on R1 DVD on July 28.
  • jojo warner season 1 The director’s cut of Mamoru Oshii’s live-action Patlabor movie will be released in October, running an extra 27 minutes. Knowing Oshii’s penchant for slow pacing, this is one case where a near half-hour might not make that much difference to the overall story. [via ANN]

There’s probably a lot that we’re missing, but I think that’s a roundup of the coolest stuff from the past 2.5 weeks. No more big trips before G-Fest, so there probably won’t be any other skipped weeks before then.

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2 Responses to Inaccurately named “weekly” news recap

  1. KK Akuoku says:

    That Ultraman ‘movie’ Chaiyo’s allegdly planning to do will be a legal silver lining for Tsuburaya. As you’ve said, the rights aren’t theirs, so the court will throw the proper owners a bone.

    • kevnder says:

      Yeah, it’s really not clear what their end game is. I guess it could be some sort of elaborate shell game to get a few bucks from gullible investors?

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