Maser Patrol podcast episode 21: The Garo Franchise

In this episode, our longest single recording so far: Kevin, Andy, and Alan shoot the breeze about the long-running Garo franchise, which turns 10 this year. We like this series a lot, so we talk in sort of broad strokes about aspects of the various seasons in juxtaposition with one another. Also, there may be a rant about the ending of Battlestar Galactica in there somewhere. Enjoy!

Direct download

An overview (mostly in the form of damned-cool MVs found on youtube) after the jump:

  • The original Garo TV series from 2005 (AKA Chapter of the Black Wolf) features a Makai Knight named Kouga Saejima, who hunts demonic horrors by night, each battle ending with him transforming into the golden Garo armor.

  • The 2011 second season, Makai Senki, is a direct follow-up to the first season, reuniting the cast of the first season, the two-part TV special, and the theatrical film.

  • The third season, Yami wo Terasu Mono/The One Who Shines in Darkness is a radical departure from the formula, taking place in the far future (?) and features a new cast. Ryuga Dogai is now Garo, trying to restore the armor to its previous shine/power.

  • Black Blood is a miniseries about Kouga’s rival-turned-pal Rei, the knight titled Zero.

  • Makai no Hana/Flower of Makai is the fourth season, starring Raiga Saejima, Kouga’s son, as the title Garo. He’s “the strongest knight ever” according to the creators of the show.

  • Set in medieval Europe, Honoh no Kokuin/The Carved Seal of Flames/Garo the Animation is actually available streaming legally. You should be watching. This Garo is Leon Luis, and his father is the show’s Zero (or “Zoro”).

  • Gold Storm, the latest movie and 6th/current season, returns to Ryuga as the hero. So far it’s been good, but dang it, all of Garo is good!

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