Weekend news update for June 28: Death Note, Ohga vs. Raiga, Jellyfish Eyes, and more

It’s that time of the week; let’s see what the internet has conjured recently in the field of Japanese-y monsters, heroes, robots, and the like!

  • A few more details have emerged about the TV show tie-in to the Attack on Titan live-action duology: it’s three 30-minute episodes, and will focus on more day-to-day (i.e. low-budget) antics. It starts August 15th. [via ANN]

attack on titan live action TV

Speaking of that movie…

  • For the lucky folks living in Australia, know that Madman is bringing the second Parasyte movie to theaters on July 25th and the first Attack on Titan movie in August.

  • Just in case you were worried that Australia’s getting all the cool stuff, though, Janus Films has just announced plans to digitally release Takashi Murakami’s Jellyfish Eyes across America on July 15th. In a funny coincidence, just a couple weeks ago I wrote an article lamenting the lack of a subtitled home video release of this film, and now it looks like it might be added to the Criterion collection (weird, I just got deja vu from when I used to complain about how nobody’d fansubbed House).

  • Crunchyroll announced that they will be simulcasting the upcoming live-action Death Note TV series. Hopefully it distinguishes itself from the movies and anime, because the trailers have been giving a sort of “been there done that” vibe.

  • A trailer is out for Shinpei Hayashiya’s upcoming Volcano Beast Ohga vs. Deep Sea Monster Raiga (or maybe it’s the other way around; the ad is a little confusing). It sort of looks like the cheapest of the trilogy (Reigo was actually pretty reasonable-looking), but hey, at least it looks like Mark from Kaiju Gaiden and the Kaiju Kingdom podcast is getting a cameo.

  • Ixion Saga’s Yusaku Komiyama is writing a prequel one-shot manga for Avengers: Age of Ultron, to run in Shonen Magazine. Sounds like it just got a little bit harder to complete one’s Marvel Cinematic Universe collection. [via ANN]

avengers-episode-0 manga

  • In other cool-Hollywoodish-stuff, here’s a look at some of Mahiro Maeda’s concept art for Mad Max: Fury Road:

  • The French superheroine cartoon Miraculous Ladybug (a co-production with Japan’s Toei Animation) will be airing on Nickelodeon in the fall.  This has been hotly anticipated for a while, and though the latest ads aren’t quite as exciting as the original traditionally-animated pitch, the trailer does offer some cool action (the music might offend some sensibilities, though).

For comparison, the original PV:

  • Speaking of French animation, this movie called Mutafukaz looks like it might be neat:


  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now involved with a film adaptation of the classic giant monster video game Rampage. Admittedly, The Rock’s Doom flick wasn’t everything it should have been, but at least it had one spectacular action sequence, so I’m not prepared to totally dismiss a Ramapage adaptation yet.

  • Toshiro Mifune is getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Maybe I’ll break out my copy of Samurai Pirate to celebrate. [via crunchyroll]

That’s a wrap for this week; just one more to go SDCC/G-Fest shenanigans!

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  1. French animation by Studio 4°C, I notice from the credits. (As if the animation itself wasn’t a dead giveaway.)

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