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News recap for July 26: Summer Wonfest, Ultraman N/A, Kamen Rider Ghost pics, and more!

It’s the weekend, and that means time to check out new trailers, news, and convention photos from the past week! The hands-down coolest thing to happen this week (or, for Ultraman fans, this decade) was a mysterious video titled Ultraman … Continue reading

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Midweek news break: Dairanger, Ultraman X, and other news we probably should’ve covered by now

With the Maser Patrol crew off at cons last weekend, there was no chance to post a regular news recap. That’s fine, though; after all, it’s not like any science fiction media announcements are made around Comic Con time, right? … Continue reading

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A Space Godzilla Chapter 1 – “Farewell Earth”

The history of Godzilla, like any other major film franchise, is full of interesting “what if”s. What if the crossover between Godzilla and the Adam West Batman series hadn’t fallen through? What if Jan de Bont had actually made the … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap for July 5th

Time for a quick gauntlet of the most intriguing J-scifi stories of the past week: Remember how last week I was lamenting about Australia getting the live-action Attack on Titan movies before the US did? That may have been premature: … Continue reading

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