Weekly news recap for July 5th

Time for a quick gauntlet of the most intriguing J-scifi stories of the past week:

  • Remember how last week I was lamenting about Australia getting the live-action Attack on Titan movies before the US did? That may have been premature: Funimation picked up rights to the films and announced a Hollywood premiere of the first film at the Egyptian Theater on July 14th. Director Shinji Higuchi will be at SDCC to promote it as well. All I can say is: Hopefully Funimation is able to get it to a wide range of theaters (which they promised for this fall) and home video in a timely fashion, lest we have another Evangelion 3.33 scenario.
  • Tokunation has a handful of magazine scans for the Dekaranger: 10 Years After special. Man, I’m looking forward to that!

dekaranger 10 years after

  • Out and about and without your Shout Factory Ultra Q and Ultraseven DVD sets? Want to pull up a specific episode anyway? Now it’s no problem, as Shout’s streaming service has both series available, joining Ultraman, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman 80, Ultraman Max, and Ultraman Mebius on the list of Ultra shows to watch online. However, keep in mind that streams are ephemeral, as it looks like Ultraman Towards the Future is down from hulu now.

  • The Japanese Blu ray release of Ambassador Magma will also include the English version, Space Giants! US home video rights to Osamu Tezuka and P-productions’ giant robot vs. monster show have long been a convoluted mess, so if owning a legitimate copy is important to you, the complete series will be available for 50000 yen.

  • The Parasyte TV anime will be airing on Toonami in October. The show is certainly a good fit for [adult swim], but it still kind of blows our minds that it’s taken off in such a big way.

  • A new Vampire Hunter D CG-animated series is in the works from California-based Unified Pictures. I’m still bummed about the American Vampire Hunter D comics getting scrapped, so I hope this project has better luck. On the plus side, Yoshiaki Kawajiri (that guy who does a ton of anime just for the US market, e.g. Highlander, Batman: Gotham Knight, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) is involved in the project, and it’s always good to see him getting work.


  • A late addition to the G-Fest screenings, Shingo Maehata (Zella: Monster Martial Law) has a new student film hitting called Jet Jaguar: Project M11. With a name like that, it’s pretty easy to guess what it’s about, and it’s cool to see Robert Scott Field doing his robot character again. [via Kaiju Gaiden…. the source post has since disappeared, and now MAT is listing the film as just J.J. Hopefully it’s not a hoax/secret/lawsuit waiting to happen!]

jet jaguar m11 jet jaguar m11b

  • Speaking of fan films, this Samurai Jack short is pretty decent:

  • A couple more SDCC exclusives that are sort of cool: Toynami has a repaint of their Shogun Warriors Godzilla figure to match the color scheme of the 1970s original, Bluefin has a Fake Sailor Moon (from episode 33), and IDW will be offering an exclusive variant cover for Godzilla in Hell.

sdcc shogun godzillafake sailor moon figuartsGODZILLAHELL-01-sdccNo news post next weekend due to cons and such, but we might be able to squeeze out an article or podcast before that. Seeya later!

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