Midweek news break: Dairanger, Ultraman X, and other news we probably should’ve covered by now

With the Maser Patrol crew off at cons last weekend, there was no chance to post a regular news recap. That’s fine, though; after all, it’s not like any science fiction media announcements are made around Comic Con time, right?

Yeah, so to catch up, here’s some of the neatness that we missed:

  • In the most exciting development for tokusatsu fan for quite a while, it was announced that Ultraman X would be simulcast on crunchyroll, officially crossing out Death Note as their most monster-laden tokusatsu program of this season. While it’s not the strongest Ultraman opener by any means, the show is off to a good start (much better than Ginga), and the miniature work is phenomenal. So go watch it!

  • Speaking of Ultraman, the first volume of the 2011 manga version was released at this year’s SDCC, including a special figure. Eager for another Ultra toy from this series? Well, a certain Mr. Dan Moroboshi will be included with the Japanese release of (you guessed it) the Seventh volume.

manga ultraseven figure

  • Continuing to speak of Ultraman, sort of, in a copyright-free way, Google had a really neat post for Eiji Tsuburaya’s 114th birthday.
  • eiji-tsuburaya-google-doodleJust to round out the Ultra-talk, Shout Factory TV is having a kaiju marathon this Saturday, mostly of the Toho movies previously released by Classic Media, but with some Ultra Q and Ultraseven episodes to round out the 24 hours. Even if you already have all those on DVD, it might still be worth a watch for August Ragone’s host segments and their $100 gift certificate giveaway.

  • See how we just masterfully segued into talking about Shout Factory? There’s a reason, and it’s not just that they’re finally releasing the MST3K version of War of the Colossal Beast. No, they broke the second-most exciting bit of news for tokusatsu fans this week, that they’re following up their DVD release of Zyuranger with Gosei Sentai Dairanger! This is exciting news by itself, because the 17th Super Sentai series is in my opinion a better show than its predecessor, but also because it demonstrates Shout’s interest in releasing Sentai as something more than a novelty for Power Rangers‘ audience, since for the most part this season was ignored in adaptation.

Now, briefly:

  • Criterion will be releasing the full version of Masaki Kobayashi’s 1964 ghost anthology film Kwaidan. This uncut version is 20 minutes longer than Criterion’s previous release of the film.

  • Another trailer for Hideo Nakata’s Stageghost:

  • Marvel Disk Wars is getting an English dub!!! … in Malaysia. It’s a little weird how they seem to be shielding Americans from this product.

  • Speaking of American comics, Marvel has a whole slew of new comics covers coming from some of the greats in the anime and manga world. There’s a lot of cool ones to check out, but here are a Hiroyuki Imaishi Hulk and a Yusuke Murata Spider-man:

imaishi hulk murata spiderman

  • In a shocking reversal of that, The Walking Dead‘s Tony Moore will be doing a variant cover for the 16th volume of Attack on Titan. I bet those series share a fanbase…
  • moore attack on titan And speaking of Attack on Titan, the first review of the live-action film sounds really good.
  • There’s a rumor that the final Evangelion movie will be released this year. Take with an ocean of salt.
  • A new live-action TV drama will be based on Angel Heart. Hopefully it’s better than the last City Hunter adaptation.
  • Oh, hey, there’s a new Gundam, too.
  • A bunch of new figures got announced as well, including a new Striker Eureka and Mutavore from Neca, a Jet Jaguar bank from Diamond, and a re-release of King Ghidorah (with mandatory repaint, but also with a stand and the KIDS timeship as a bonus):

neca mutavoreneca new striker eurekamonsterarts king ghidorahjet jaguar bank

Whew! I’m exhausted! Let’s call that a news update for the time being, shall we? After all, Summer Wonder Festival is still around the corner…

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