News recap for July 26: Summer Wonfest, Ultraman N/A, Kamen Rider Ghost pics, and more!

It’s the weekend, and that means time to check out new trailers, news, and convention photos from the past week!

  • The hands-down coolest thing to happen this week (or, for Ultraman fans, this decade) was a mysterious video titled Ultraman n/a published on Tsuburaya’s youtube channel. The video is region-locked, but there are plenty of mirrors, and it looks amazing. The most common theory is that this is a trailer for Ultraman’s 50th anniversary project, due in almost exactly one year, but Tsuburaya’s been pretty tight-lipped, as far as I know, on details.

  • The next season of the Garo anime has been announced for October, and to great surprise, it won’t be a sequel to Honoo no Kokuin at all! Rather than inquisition-era Europe, this one will be set in Japan, during the Heian period Japan (which I believe will make this chronologically the earliest of Garo stories), with a female protagonist (!?) based on Abe no Seimei (!??). Well, this should be different!
  • The upcoming Pretty Cure anthology Movie Go! Princess Pretty Cure Go Go!! Three Part Movie!!! (what a title) looks to be CG for two of its three segments. I guess that gives the TV show animators a break?

  • Apparently a US movie version of the horror manga 6000 is in the works. Neat if it happens.
  • Monster Hunter Frontier G is having a promotion with some Evangelion costumes and weapons:

  • A slightly longer trailer for Raiga vs. Ohga:

  • Lots of images have begun surfacing for Toei’s upcoming Kamen Rider Ghost (I wonder if Marvel will counter with Kamen Ghost Rider?). Anyway, it looks like there will be form-changing shenanigans, which is par for the course in the Heisei era, and the hero’s bike will turn into a giant lizard, which is a little less common. Plot-wise, it will involve a hero who actually comes back from the dead, which in some respects is as old-school Kamen Rider as it gets. [via tokunation and hju]

Kamen-Rider-Ghost-GanGan-Saber ghost riding a lizard Kamen-Rider-Ghost-Musashi-Newton-Edison-Souls-001

Cool licensing news out of Otakon:

  • Funimation will be releasing Speed Racer/ Mach Gogogo with the original Japanese intact.

  • Discotek will be releasing the 1976 Gaiking giant robot anime (which previously got an abbreviated release through Shout Factory’s compilation movies), as well as a re-release of the Wicked City demonic-spy thriller anime film.

  • In a very out-of-left-field move, Kodansha announced plans for a US release of Leiji Matsumoto’s 1975 Queen Emeraldas space opera manga. I don’t think Matsumoto’s had a manga out here since Galaxy Express 999 in the late 90’s!


And in not-really-Japanese-at-all news:

  • The Chinese classic novel Journey to the West has been the basis for several major Japanese TV series, including Monkey, Saiyuki, Starzinger, and Dragonball. Now AMC in the US is taking their own crack at it with Into the Badlands, a show developed by Smallville‘s Alfred Gough and Miles Millar:

  • Remember Swat Kats? It was a Hanna Barbera cartoon about anthropomorphic cat people who pilot jets and fight giant rampaging monsters. There’s a KickStarter for making more of it, after 22 years, so I guess we can assume that it’s not owned by Cartoon Network anymore?

  • Kino Lorber just announced a new DVD/Blu Ray release of the 1967 South Korean kaiju flick Yongary. Enjoy the misleadingly-titled German trailer for the film:

Finally, a smattering of random upcoming figure photos from announcements surrounding the summer Wonder Festival (courtesy of anonymous ‘channers):

  • Bandai’s Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho, all muscled up:

toguro figure

  • Ultraseven and Shinjiro from the current Ultraman comic:2011 manga ultraseven figure 2011 ultraman figure shinjiro
  • Charagumin of Ange from Cross Ange:ange figure
  • GEM Angemon from Digimon Adventureangemon figure
  • Ranma 1/2 Figuarts:

ranma figuarts 2 shampoo figuarts

  • Nendoroid of Saitama from One Punch Man (there’s apparently also a figma coming):one punch nendoroid

That’s a wrap for this week; catch you later!


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