Weekly news recap: Masakazu Katsura working on the next Garo, Comiket how-to guide, etc

It’s been a pretty quiet week in terms of kaiju/kaibutsu/kaidan-related stories, but here’s a quick recap of what caught our collective eye this week:

  • The next season of Garo will be titled Guren no Tsuki (Crimson Moon), though we’ll have to see if they stick with “Garo the Animation” if it gets simulcast… there’s pretty much no way to avoid confusion on this one. The cool news is that this season will have Masakazu Katsura on character designs, echoing similar work that he did for Keita Amemiya on Iria: Zeiram the Animation. Katsura’s no stranger to Garo, either, as he had cameos in Makai no Hana and Honoo no Kokuin.

So yeah, not a lot of high-profile stuff this week. It’s been a big week for the independent scene, though:

  • An amusing video about how to survive Comic Market:

  • A trailer for the Japan Local Hero Daikessen movie:

  • Garage Pro is starting a web-series called Ayakashi Zamurai. Lots of imagination on display here:

  • Also, a fan film based on the Metal Hero Jiraya:

So yeah, that’s all we got for this week, short and sweet. Now you have free time to go watch the Dragonball movie or something!

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