Slow news week recap

Not a lot of big stories in the world of Japanese-ish monster movie stuff this week, but here are the highlights that we noticed:

  • The first Attack on Titan movie will play in North American cinemas from Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 and 7, and the second film will play October 20, 22, and 27. Showtimes will eventually be available here.

  • A trailer for the second Little Witch Academia short:

  • The live reading of Marvel’s Godzilla #23-24, from this year’s G-Fest:


  • The fourth novel in the Project Nemesis series (give or take) has been announced: Project Hyperion. Ooh, is that a giant robot I spy on the cover? Anyway, they’re currently calling for fan-art submissions!


  • An interview with author Hideyuki Kikuchi regarding the new Vampire Hunter D series:

  • Reminder that the new Ultraman manga is now on sale in North America. Barnes & Noble and Scifi Japan have interviews with the creators. Also it sounds like their Robot Detective adaptation is finally happening.

So, yeah, that’s all we got for this week. Told you it would be brief!

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