News recap: Dairanger preorder edition

Sorry for the lack of an update last week; it was slow on news and busy in life. On the plus side, there’s lots to discuss right now! Let’s start with the various things an otaku can preorder right now:

  • Shout Factory’s Dairanger DVD set has a release date: November 10th. I’m a little worried about the box art, though… while Super Sentai enthusiasts will be sure to pick this up, the group of posing plain-clothes protagonists will do little to convey “super hero team” to a broader, casual audience (or even the entry-level Power Rangers dilettantes who may otherwise be intrigued), and may make it difficult to reach outside of the die-hard niche.

dairanger DVD set

  • While an official theater list hasn’t been announced yet for the Attack on Titan movies, lots of individual theaters that will be playing the film have been adding the September 30 screening to their websites, so you may be able to get a screening in your neighborhood. However, a challenger has appeared: The Iron Giant is getting a theatrical re-release with screenings that exact same night (also on October 4th, so you can see both). If that doesn’t lead to Giant-on-Titan cosplay battle photo shoots, it will truly be a missed opportunity.

  • Arc Entertainment picked up US rights to Mamoru Oshii’s Garm Wars: The Last Druid, and it’s due out in theaters and VOD on October 2. I’m psyched!

  • Sentai Filmworks will be releasing Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon in North America on December 1. The first movie was pretty bleh, so I’m not sure how much I can recommend this one.

  • Bandai is releasing a special set of High Grade Ultraman monsters… specifically the Oni-themed ones: Namahake and Onidevil from Ace, Onibanba from Taro, and Onion from Leo. Sakunaoni from Ultraman Tiga didn’t make the cut, apparently (sorry, that may be a bad pun).

ultoraman_ 3nd

  • Also, reminder that the Hero Company OVA, based on Kazuhiko Shimamoto’s manga, hits in Japan on October 5, with the 8th volume of the manga.

  • Oh, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain hits on Tuesday, too, featuring some of the most Zone of the Enders-looking robots in the franchise to date:

  • Discotek has announced that they intend to release the incredible OVA series Getter Robo: Armageddon on Blu Ray. While this is technically a sequel to an audio drama that’s never been translated, it’s still possible to follow, especially if you know any other Getter Robo incarnations, and, frankly, it’s the best animated adaptation of the material. Rather than show a proper trailer, I’ll just post a kick-ass AMV to give a flavor of the show:

They also got the rights to the Karate Master anime TV show, based on the manga based on the life of Masutatsu Oyama, later adapted into the Karate Bullfighter/Karate Bearfighter/Karate for Life trilogy starring Sonny Chiba.

Other than that:

  • A new Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman trailer:

  • A trailer for the superhero spoof Mr. Maxman:

  • Ultraman X just finished filming, apparently with a crossover with Ultraman Ginga‘s cast. Dang; I’m going to have to finish watching Ginga, now.

ultraman x crossover ultraman x crossover 2

  • The kaiju fan community is abuzz about an allegedly-upcoming animated feature titled OldZilla. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if this ever sees the light of day, between Toho’s litigious nature, the relative up-and-coming status of Original Force Animation, and a director with no prior releases.


  • Finally, photos have been floating around the web of this awesome Godzilla sand castle in Shinjuku:

godzilla sandcastle4 godzilla sandcastle3 godzilla sandcastle2 godzilla sandcastle1

That’s a wrap for this week; catch you later!

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