Weekly news recap

It’s a quick news round-up this week!

  • Getting this out of the way from the get-go, there’s been a lot of dubious Legendary Pictures news lately, which as far as I can tell is just conjecture based on the upcoming King Kong movie switching studios. Anonymous reports of a King Kong vs. Godzilla remake have been ubiquitous, and others are claiming that Pacific Rim theme park attractions are in the works. All I can say is that the internet rumor mill’s been spinning yarns of another crossover between those two giant creatures since 1994 or so, and every time it’s been nothing but humbug. And while Pacific Rim is great, it’s nowhere near iconic enough to warrant the real estate a ride would take up at a Universal theme park. So… sorry for reblogging these, I guess?
  • In other “yes, we’ve seen this” news, there was a Godzilla parody scene in Monster Musume recently. That’s not enough to convince me to watch the show.

monster musume godzilla

  • Let’s kick off some trailers. Here’s an ad for Guns & Sunnyside-Up, which just hit on Japanese DVD:

  • A US trailer for Takashi Miike’s upcoming Yakuza Apocalypse:

  • The creators of Scifi Japan TV have a new horror web series, The Crawler in the Dark:

  • The angels of Evangelion are getting a mobile game:

  • Rei Mikamoto’s manga Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw is getting adapted into a live-action film. Much like Mikamoto’s other works (Reiko the Zombie Shop, and Kyonyu Dragon, the source manga for Big Tits Zombie 3D), zombies, violence, and gratuitous panty shots will be featured, and Kamen Rider Drive‘s Rio Uchida will star. The director, Hiroki Yamaguchi, has been around the cult horror scene for a while, having directed Hellevator, written Full Metal Yakuza, edited the most recent Eko Eko Azarak and more, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one gets an international DVD release eventually.

sukeban chainsaw

  • It looks like the mangaka duo of Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi aren’t content with just Ultraman and Robot Detective manga reduxes, since they’ve got a new Getter Robo title coming to Bessatsu Shonen Champion. (picture via 4chan)

getter robo devolution

  •  Speaking of Shimizu and Shimoguchi’s Ultraman, there’s yet another figure coming, this time unmasked:

unmasked ultraman shinjiro

  • In still more Ultraman news, you can now watch the original Ultraman streaming at Shout Factory, along with Ultra Q and Ultraseven. It’s better than hulu, that’s for sure.

miraculousladybug01 That’s all we got for this week; it’s short, but that just leaves time to work on other articles!

Edit: Knew I’d missed something. Enjoy a music video:

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