Weekly News Recap: Shin Godzilla and Macross Delta

Alright, time for the regular run-down of this week’s nifty Japanese science fiction, fantasy, and horror media stories!

From a production perspective:

  • So, the big news this week is about Shin Godzilla. Yep, that’s officially the title of the new movie; we’ll have to put it up there with Urusei Yatsura and Kill la Kill in the pantheon of pun titles that won’t translate very well. Anyway, the cast has been announced: Hiroki Hasegawa (Attack on Titan, Love & Peace), Yutaka Takenouchi (a Japanese Academy Award-nominated actor with a respectable, but monster-less, filmography), and Satomi Ishihara (Attack on Titan). Looking forward to getting more familiar with two of these actors when Attack on Titan hits US theaters this Wednesday! [via The Good The Bad and Godzilla]

shin godzilla title

macross delta

ragnarok short

Kamen Rider Chaser

Kickstarter stuff:

  • Animeigo will be running a crowdfunding campaign for a reissue to the Bubblegum Crisis spin-off A.D. Police.

  • Digital Manga will be running another campaign to release Osamu Tezuka’s 1965 Wonder 3 manga (the anime version was released in the US as The Amazing Three). For those not familiar, it’s about a group of three extraterrestrial agents living on Earth in the disguises of a rabbit, horse, and duck, and is fondly remembered, despite not being quite the national icon that Astro Boy is.


Trailer time!

  • Reminder that Parasyte hits Toonami next Saturday.

  • Young Black Jack is looking pretty good. Expecting a lot of obscure Tezuka cameos!

  • A full trailer for Chronicles of a Ghostly Tribe:

  • The latest PV for Digimon Adventure tri:

One last bit of news:

precure robo

That’s a wrap for this week. Make sure to go watch Attack on Titan Pt. 1 this Wednesday or Thursday at your local cinema, if you’re able!

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