Weekly news recap: Johnny Sokko Day edition

Howdy folks, hope you’re all having a lovely Johnny Sokko Day! Which version is your favorite?

Anyway, let’s recap some of the neatest kaiju, super robot, and henshin hero-related news items to emerge this week:

  • In case you didn’t see the article that went out midweek, the new Gamera movie was announced, with Katsuhito Ishii in charge. We’re hyped.

gamera 2016 poster

  • The latest Animator Expo short, Cassette Girl, by Hiroyasu Kobayashi, is about a future Betamax hunter, and is chocked full of visual nods to Ultraseven, Transformers, the Daicon IV opening- …. wait a second, does that robot have Cookie Cat from Steven Universe on its arm?

cassette girl 3

  • A great ad campaign by Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co:

  • The opening for Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman has been posted. Between this, One Punch Man, and Garo: Crimson Moon, that makes three Jam Project opening songs this season!

  • Footage has leaked for the next season of the Attack on Titan anime:

  • Speaking of Attack on Titan, the series is getting an American comic book anthology. Could be cool, though as independent comic snobs there’s nobody on on the list of contributors that has us super excited… maybe Gale Simone will include another panel of Godzilla and Gamera making out, like she did in The Atom?

attackontitan-american anthology

  •  Oh, and Kodansha will also be releasing the 4-panel Attack on Titan spoof comic in the US.


  • Hollywood is eyeing Tiger & Bunny for a movie remake. Weird, considering that it doesn’t have a huge amount of brand value in the US (I blame Neon Alley), but with superhero movies being all the rage, maybe something good will come from this.


ninja turtles figuarts You may now resume Giant Robo-related festivities.

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