Quick weekly news recap

Quick recap of this week’s Japanese genre media stories; not a lot to report:

  • Legendary’s Godzilla vs. King Kong movie is looking more like a reality. Since the new Kong flick just started filming, it’s difficult to comment on at this point, but I’m wondering if Kong will keep his electric grip? (Also sort of wondering how tiny a blonde woman would look in the hand of a Kong scaled to match the 2014 Godzilla’s stature.)
  • James Cameron’s Battle Angel Alita (AKA Gunm) adaptation flick is finally moving forward… sort of. Robert Rodriguez is attached to direct now; a fine director, but doesn’t quite have Cameron’s killer robot pedigree. Then again, recent films like Elysium have already tapped a lot of Gunm‘s plot elements, so we’ll see how this is received.
  • A new part of the original Tenchi Muyo Ryo-oki OVA series has been announced. I thought that the third batch of OVAs wrapped the series nicely, so this feels sort of superfluous, but we’ll see.
  • tenchi_season 4 A new Gantz spinoff manga has been announced from Hiroya Oku and Keita Iizuka: G-Gantz will run in Miracle Jump. By my count, this marks the fourth Gantz spinoff, after the original, and the Osaka and Nishi spinoffs (plus the light novels, games, live-action movies, etc).

g gantz

That’s all we got this week; seeya later!

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