Weekly news recap: Macross Delta, more Kaijumax, and a whole lotta toys

With Halloween and work-related shenanigans this weekend, we’re posting the news recap a little early:

  • We’ve got our first look at Macross Delta! Seems stylistically like a natural progression from Macross Frontier. The franchise has always adapted to be indicative of anime at the time, so I figured it’d either be about a girl group or a hot-blooded bombastic piece a la Kill La Kill or Redline…. well, the more obvious selection happened.

macross delta 1 macross delta 2

  • RIP Yoshinori Orai. His art on movie posters, novel covers, video games, and manga during the 80s and 90s is astounding, usually elevating the source material, and his Heisei Godzilla work particularly had a big impact on my young imagination.

orai godzilla heisei

matsumoto the strain

kaijumax season 2

kong king of the apes dinosaur

  • Some proof of concept footage from the proposed live-action American remake of Ninja Scroll. I dunno, I’d sort of just prefer one of the live-action Futaro Yamada adaptations.


  • The “Sound of Tiger & Bunny Orchestral Concert” is getting a Blu-ray release, including the 18-minute new anime short. I’d be surprised if Viz picks this up, but here’s hoping for at least a fansub!

figuarts 009 devilman Digimon tri figuarts SRC Jeeg Figuarts PorungaSIC Kamen Rider Gaim

remix dadaThat’s a wrap for this week; happy Halloween!

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