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Jedi-geki: The cross-pollination of the Star Wars franchise with Japanese genre cinema

Maser Patrol’s mission statement is to elucidate genre fiction of a manner both Japanese and “Japanese-ish”, which is why there’s frequent coverage of western-yet-anime/manga/tokusatsu-inspired media ranging from Pacific Rim to Miraculous Ladybug to Fujiyama Ichiban. And yet, there’s that pesky … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap for November 28

I meant to post something commemorating the 50th anniversary of Gamera yesterday, but numerous familial and social obligations took priority; hopefully the fictional character had a good birthday nonetheless. Instead, I’m taking advantage of a temporary lull in Thanksgiving shenanigans … Continue reading

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Random Tokusatsu round-up

I tacitly retired from doing daily tokusatsu movie blurbs last year, but due to popular demand, I’ll try to remember to post about movies that are fresh on my mind when I do watch them. Here’s a couple recent viewings: Izo … Continue reading

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Weekly News Recap tri

Not much to cover this week: Crunchyroll has added a bunch of cool stuff lately: Cobra, Space Pirate Mito, Cat’s Eye, Princess Knight…. oh, and freaking Digimon Adventure tri! The first of these new Digimon movies is split across four … Continue reading

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Weekly News Recap Resurgence

Time for a weekly recap of the coolest kaiju/henshin hero/super robot-ish news to hit since the last recap! Kicking things off, we finally have an English title for Shin Godzilla (and mercifully it doesn’t attempt to tackle that pun): Godzilla Resurgence. … Continue reading

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Mystery Science Theater’s Tokusatsu Movie List

Hey, there’s a Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival up on Kickstarter now! In addition to being pretty dang funny, the series has done a lot for raising awareness of cult films which might have otherwise fallen into utter obscurity. In … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap for November 7

Hope everyone enjoyed Godzilla’s birthday on November 3; Ultraman X celebrated by having an episode with the Godzilla-based Gomes as the monster of the week. Anyway, time for a recap of this week’s J-SF stories. Kicking things off, we finally have a … Continue reading

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