Weekly news recap for November 7

Hope everyone enjoyed Godzilla’s birthday on November 3; Ultraman X celebrated by having an episode with the Godzilla-based Gomes as the monster of the week. Anyway, time for a recap of this week’s J-SF stories.

  • Kicking things off, we finally have a trailer for Takashi Miike’s Terraformars movie. It’s got a pretty excellent cast (bit players include Rinko Kikuchi and Kane Kosugi), and the trailer looks like it’ll be playing up the camp value. By the way, a new season of the Terraformars anime was also announced.

  • A super-rare public screening of Gamera 4 is coming up in Tokyo on November 28. Historically Kadokawa’s been pretty adamant about squashing this fan film, so hopefully this is setting a precedent for future exhibitions!

gamera 4 truth

sukeban chainsaw poster

  • The horror anime short series Yamishibai is getting a third season in January. Personally I find the show a little frustrating (each 3-minute episode ends right where it feels like it’s really picking up), but it’s still worth mentioning.
  • Here’s a trailer for Hero Mania, a semi-superhero comedy based on the manga Seikatsu:

  • A new line of inkan stamps is coming out from Intaindo, customizable with the name of the stamper’s name and, for good measure, a Toho kaiju. These can be used as legally binding signatures in Japan, so don’t lend them out to anyone working for Chaiyo!

godzilla inkan That’s a wrap for this week’s kaiju/kaidan/kaibutsu news, let us know if there’re any big omissions!

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