Weekly News Recap Resurgence

Time for a weekly recap of the coolest kaiju/henshin hero/super robot-ish news to hit since the last recap!

  • Kicking things off, we finally have an English title for Shin Godzilla (and mercifully it doesn’t attempt to tackle that pun): Godzilla Resurgence. It’s a little buzzword-y, but at least it’s avoiding the industry’s major current title cliches (“Dawn of the Rise of the Age of Revenge”). The only issue I can see is that with Independence Day: Resurgence hitting the same summer, some people might think it’s tied to a certain Roland Emmerich movie. The other news tidbit is that since Toho was screening a preview at the American Film Market, a US distributor probably hasn’t been worked out yet.

AFM Godzilla Resurgence

  • The first trailer for My Hero Academia is suitably superheroic:

  • Minoru Kawasaki has a new kaiju/giant hero flick on the horizon, Outerman. Like Kawasaki’s other work, it’s got a handful of genre alums in it (Ultraman Leo‘s Ryu Manatsu, Jiraiya‘s Takumi Tsutsui, Hurricaneger‘s Shun Shioya, Go-onger‘s Yasuhisa Furuhara) and a goofy premise (an alien invader masquerades as a character from a popular TV series). I’ll extrapolate that it’ll also probably have some cringe-worthy acting by resident foreigners, feature a cameo by Den Ace, and be ignored by fansub groups. (I’ve seen a lot of people posting about this being Kawasaki’s return, as though Earth Defense Widow didn’t come out last year….)

outerman outerman 2

  • Motofumi Kobayashi (Apocalypse Meow) is doing a CG reboot of Great Revolution Dai Shogun. I found the original show a little hard to get into, but this trailer looks swanky. I’m probably not alone, considering that the decision was made to reboot a show that only started last year.

  • Dragonball Z: The Fall of Men, a European fanfilm (loosely) adapting Dragonball‘s “History of Trunks” storyline, is incredible. Between this and and Light of Hope, this arc’s really sparking the imagination of some talented re-interpreters.

  • I think every football team should do at least one kyodai hero tribute:

Stuff you can buy:

  • The Ultra Borg toy line, featuring transforming/combining versions of characters from Ultraman, is getting a second wave, this time from Ultraseven.

ultra borg seven ultra borg seven 2

ultra mother xmas catalog

eva cafeevachoc

  • I guess those Star Wars/samurai mash-ups have been selling pretty well for Bandai, since they’ve announced another property for their Meisho Movie Realization line… although one less thematically appropriate:

samurai spider man

….but will there be a Leopardon? Anyway, that’s a wrap for this week, ’til next time, resurge!

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