Weekly News Recap tri

Not much to cover this week:

  • Crunchyroll has added a bunch of cool stuff lately: Cobra, Space Pirate Mito, Cat’s Eye, Princess Knight…. oh, and freaking Digimon Adventure tri! The first of these new Digimon movies is split across four episodes, and is pretty great (there’s something revealed in the first three minutes that probably needs to be elaborated on, though).

  • We’re a ways out from G-Fest XXIII, but it seems that they’ve already announced a guest list. Things have changed at the last minute in the past, though, so I imagine that there could be a few more announcements in months to come (last time there was buzz about Shinpei Hayashiya returning, for example). Of the current line-up, the one that I’m most intrigued with is actually Yoshikazu Ishii; he’s hardly a bigwig in the entertainment industry, but based on his imdb page it looks like he’s been involved in some fairly high-profile stuff, as an assistant director to Shinji Higuchi, Mamoru Oshii, Hideo Nakata, and more.

gfest 23 guests

  • It’s super early to be getting a trailer for a movie released next October, but nonetheless here’s one for A Monster Calls, a giant monster flick from The Orphanage director Juan Antonio Bayona:

  • Slayers characters will be showing up in the Granblue Fantasy mobile game. If someone claims they’re ripping off Dota, please smack them.

slayers granblue

Ranma desk toys

jamilla glass

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