Weekly news recap for November 28

I meant to post something commemorating the 50th anniversary of Gamera yesterday, but numerous familial and social obligations took priority; hopefully the fictional character had a good birthday nonetheless. Instead, I’m taking advantage of a temporary lull in Thanksgiving shenanigans for a quick recap of this week’s interesting kaiju/henshin hero-type stuff.

  • The latest round of Garo announcements has me a little concerned, actually. First, there’s the anime movie Divine Flame, which is allegedly a sequel to the anime season Honoh no Kokuin, but the trailer and poster, featuring the protagonist dressed as he did at the start of the season, both scream “recap”.

garo divine flame

The other two announcements were for TV series. Makai Retsuden is being described as one to reunite casts from previous seasons, but seeing as how Ultraman Retsuden is a “best-of” clip show format, one has to wonder if the Garo series will be similar. There’s also a new Zero series, but hearing it described as a TV version of Black Blood lays the seed of skepticism. So, this could all be original story content, or maybe none of it is? [via ANN]

  • The poster is out for March’s Ultraman X movie. The monster looks neat, but X’s rainbow horn continues to make me groan internally.

ultraman x movie poster

  • A trailer for The Ningyo looks like the best take on Japanese mermaid mythos since Acri or Mermaid Forest:
  • An ad for the Ninninger vs. ToQger movie:

  • A look at the demonic rock-&-roll comedy Too Young To Die:

  • A trailer for the horror flick Peeping Eye:

  • Considering the mild cliffhanger that Symphogear GX left off on, it’d be a shame for there to not be a fourth season of the magical girl brawler franchise. Fortunately, the art setting designer has mentioned a continuation on twitter. Huzzah!
  • Netflix is investing heavily in Joon-ho Bong’s monster movie Okja, a long-delayed follow-up to The Host.

That’s a wrap for this weekend; the house is filling up with people more keen on watching football than trailers for Pandora in the Crimson Shell, so it’s about time to put the computer away.

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