News recap for Dec 6

The news recap will be pretty quick this week.

  • First of all, RIP to the yokai manga master Shigeru Mizuki; may his graveyard be a delightfully haunted one. We have an article in the pipe to talk a little about his work.

shigeru mizuki characters

  • Tsuburaya announced that Ultraman Nexus will be coming to crunchyroll! This is pretty exciting, as this show was one of the first Ultra things to get fansubbed back in the mid-2000s, making it a fan-favorite, and as one of the darkest Ultraman installments, it was a hit on the late-night circuit paving the way for other works like Garo. It’s also just plain good. Both of its openings rank among my favorites for the franchise, as well.

  • I hear that the Belgian DVD release date for the infamous Thai coproduction Hanuman vs. 7 Ultraman (Ultramen? Ultramans? Ultras Man?) is January 21.

hanuman vs 7 ultraman dvd hanuman vs 7 ultraman dvd2

  • I missed Gemu (or Gem? They use both in the trailer) at G-Fest last year, but at least now Over Road Film has put up a trailer. Hope we get another chance!

  • Too bad these Evangelion and Attack on Titan attractions will only be at Universal Studios Japan for six months, they look pretty great:

  • I was unaware of the American horror flick The Forest, set in the Aokigahara “suicide forest” by Mt Fuji, until I caught a trailer in the theater. Not sure how much kaidan influence there will be, but I’d bet that nobody will be awakening a dragon a la Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds or Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-out Attack.

  • Samurai Jack is getting revived on [adult swim]. I’m honestly shocked that Genndy Tartakovsky is still willing to work with Cartoon Network, considering all of the soul-crushing cancellations they’ve put him through.

  • This visual from the I Am A Hero zombie movie looks like it came straight out of the manga:

i am a hero visual

  • The vampire island horror franchise Higanjima is getting another live-action TV series and movie. I would hope that this would be a sequel, since the last one was just in 2013, and that interest in the new one gets the former TV series translated.
  • One Punch Man must be pretty dang popular, since another of ONE’s manga has also been announced for an anime adaptation: One Hundred Mob Psycho, about an ESPer who needs to keep his emotions bottled up to prevent a literal explosion. Haven’t read this one, but the premise sounds neat!

100 mob psycho

That’s a wrap for news this week; keep an eye out for a special guest column soon!

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