News recap for Dec 19

Again, not a lot to discuss this week. Maybe it’s just the year wrapping up?


  • Noitanima’s spring show Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress looks a lot like Attack on Titan (it is the same director and all, but still…)

  • A trailer is out for Tak Sakaguchi’s return to screens in the martial arts flick Re:Born.

  • Yudai Yamaguchi is doing an adaptation of Man Gataro’s puerile Shonen Jump comic Chinyuki, starring Kenichi Matsuyama. While that’s quite a lot of talent, it sort of looks like a crass humor overload.


  • IDW’s next Godzilla miniseries, Godzilla: Oblivion (formerly Godzilla: World’s End, which is confusing preorders) has been solicited for March. This is a fresh creative team; I vaguely remember Joshua Fialkov’s writing on I, Vampire being decent, and Brian Churilla’s art was great in the Big Trouble in Little China comics and Hellbreak, but overall not too familiar with either of their work. All I can say is, the phrase “A scientist has created a portal to another dimension — one where monsters rule supreme!” really reminds me of the dub opening to Monster Rancher.

godzilla oblivion

  • A third series and movie of Kampai Senshi After V has been crowdfunded. Maybe I should catch up on that show.
  • Somehow, the Beet the Vandel Buster manga is continuing after over a decade. Always thought it was weird how such a minor manga turned into a huge anime, but diverged from the source material before the opening credits were over.
  • Naruto‘s Itachi is getting his own TV series. Based on the comments, I think that’s something nobody really asked for.

ultraman phone stands

That’s a wrap for this week; the next update will be after X-mas. Maybe we’ll get a Hisoka figure with a glowing crotch.

hisoka crotch light

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