Weekly news recap 12-29-2015

Did everyone make it through the Luxion Disaster okay? Good, then it’s time for the weekly news recap. Let’s start with trailers.

  • An ad is out for Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. The last few Super Sentai installments have been underwhelming, but as always we’ll be giving this one a shot. If nothing else, next year will be the 40th anniversary series.

  • I’d hoped that the lousy CG that ruined the otherwise solid Berserk movie trilogy would be a one-off, but alas, it appears that the upcoming anime adaptation of Kentaro Miura’s beautifully dark sword & sorcery manga will have the same problem:

  • The trailer for Diamond is Unbreakable, the fourth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, looks about perfect:

  • A look at the second Assassination Classroom movie, out in March. C’mon Funimation….


  • Level 5 is thinking about a live-action Yo-Kai Watch movie? Wild, but I guess films like Battle League Horumo and Jellyfish Eyes have set the stage.
  • AIC is doing a new Saber Marionette J anime…..I know that American fans tend to point to this one as the go-to “see, anime in the 90s was awful” data point, but honestly I thought that it’d been relatively forgotten.
  • I don’t intend to always post when a new Kaiju Remix figure goes up for preorder, but they’re just too cool. This time it’s Antler:

acro remix antler

kawakita model godzilla

That’s what we got for now. Expect an article soon, though, what with a certain major anniversary coming in the next few days.


  • Forgot about this before, but the rebranded Funimation Channel has a rather confusing name: “Toku”. Still, looking forward to seeing some of Media Blasters’ live-action titles getting wider exposure.

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