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News recap for January 30

Time for our regularly-scheduled quick recap of what’s new this week in the world of Japanese-ish SF, fantasy, and horror! Kaiju Godzilla is now appearing in a pamphlet on pollen allergies, complete with a pollen monster. I demand this guy … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Monsters & Superheroes, ’nuff said

A very back-to-basics range of stuff covered in this week’s news recap: just kaiju and heroes this time. During today’s Zyuranger marathon, Shout Factory casually slipped an ad for a Ninja Sentai Kakuranger DVD set in among its other commercials. … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: more Cloverfield (!?) edition

We skipped last week because it was slow, but let’s make up for it this time, reviewing kaiju, henshin hero, and Japanese SF news since the start of the year! Movie news: Out of nowhere, a trailer hit for 10 … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 23 – Jellyfish Eyes and the work of Takashi Murakami

In this episode of the podcast, Kevin and Justin discuss the work of Japanese pop-culture artist Takashi Murakami, culminating in his 2013 feature film Jellyfish Eyes. The movie just got a release from Criterion, so fans of battle monsters, kaiju, … Continue reading

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Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Love & Peace (2015)

Today’s selection: Love & Peace (2015, dir. Sion Sono) Subgenre: Kaiju, Musical Available from: Third Window Films (UK release) Remember how we had that list recommending the best Japanese SF Christmas movies last month? Well, shift every one of them … Continue reading

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Impromptu news recap

Well, I wasn’t planning to do another news recap this soon, but then all these Godzilla Resurgence pictures leaked onto the internet: I’m hearing a lot of comparisons to the designs from the Attack on Titan movies, but it also … Continue reading

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Ultra-Inspired: Japan’s major entertainment franchises take cues from M78

“What do you mean, they probably got the idea from Ultraman?” I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard this phrase from some bemused otaku. We might’ve been discussing the time limits in Tiger & Bunny or Garo, … Continue reading

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