Impromptu news recap

Well, I wasn’t planning to do another news recap this soon, but then all these Godzilla Resurgence pictures leaked onto the internet:

shingoji3 shingoji2 shingoji1 shingoji4

I’m hearing a lot of comparisons to the designs from the Attack on Titan movies, but it also sort of reminds me of the 1995 design or “Rage Mode” from the Atari game. August Ragone hinted that this may not be his only form, so I’m wondering what all he’s seen.

Since we’re here, might as well post other stuff:

  • Symbionic Titan is finally getting a DVD release… in Australia. Madman has a long history of releasing awesome Japanese movies that never get a US release (e.g. Rurouni Kenshin, Parasyte, Hentai Kamen, Sword of Alexander, Survive Style 5+Space Firebird 2772), but this will be the first time I have to import an American program from them.Symbionic DVD
  • Love & Peace is coming to DVD and Blu Ray in the UK on June 13th. If you want to see it earlier, you can go to Chicago next weekend.

  • For Kamen Rider‘s 45th anniversary, Toei is planning a new movie project with the first Rider for this March.

  • Another look at Zyuohger:

  • Another promo for the 2011 Ultraman manga:

  • A Ford commercial that actually made me chuckle:

So, yeah, that’s what we got for this week. I imagine we’ll be seeing some new 2016 Godzilla toys on the horizon next!

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One Response to Impromptu news recap

  1. Sentaison says:

    I don’t know about the Godzilla design. It looks a little more Tsuburaya than Toho to me, but I’ll wait for final judgement. Symbiotic Titan was another in a long line of Cartoon Network shows that I and other fans liked that they canceled. Luckily I have ordered from Madman before and have a multi region Blu ray for this sort of thing. And the Ultraman Manga has been great!

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