Weekly news recap: more Cloverfield (!?) edition

We skipped last week because it was slow, but let’s make up for it this time, reviewing kaiju, henshin hero, and Japanese SF news since the start of the year!

Movie news:

  • Out of nowhere, a trailer hit for 10 Cloverfield Lane, which had previously been announced as Valencia (remember the original Cloverfield filmed under the title Cheese, as though the name “Cloverfield” wasn’t cryptic enough). Hitting March 11, this movie looks to be quite a departure from what we’d previously expected from a Cloverfield sequel, with JJ Abrams calling it a “blood relative” of the original. I’m simultaneously intrigued and concerned by such a shift (we could have a Halloween III on our hands)… but maybe with a new movie we’ll finally get some more merchandise? Maybe an affordable action figure or an English release of the Cloverfield Kishin manga?

  • A trailer for the second Digimon Adventure Tri movie:

  • A trailer for the movie adaption of Lychee Light Club. I remember not being big on the original manga, but the movie’s robot costume looks neat.

  • It’s looking like The Boy and the Beast will be coming out in the US on March 4.

  • Edit: Liza, the Fox Fairy, the Hungarian yokai flick, will be screening in Chicago this spring (found out at the Love & Peace screening!).

Streaming news:

  • Shout Factory will be streaming a Zyuranger marathon next weekend with August Ragone hosting. The DVD set was light on special features, so I’m looking forward to the commentary.

  • Funimation is finally doing a dub for Garo: Honoo no Kokuin. One step closer to a BD release!

Merchandise news:

  • An advertisement for Chogokin’s new Mazinger/Hello Kitty crossover line.

  • Dragonball Z might not have actual Legos, but these Bandai toys are looking pretty close. Perfect for your Goku vs. Superman reenactments.

dbz minifigs

  • Bluefin has been teasing a MonsterArts for the 2001 Godzilla from Giant Monsters All-out Attack, the first new sculpt for the line in a year.


  • A new kaiju fiction anthology just hit: The Mammoth Book of Kaiju. Don’t know much about this one, aside from Undead Backbrain’s Robert Hood writing the introduction.

mammoth book of kaiju

super fighter legend new chapter ultra monster personification feat pop

  • Like everyone else, we’ve got to say an RIP to David Bowie. It’s an uncommon musician/actor who gets to star in his own Shotaro Ishinomori manga.

david bowie ishinomori 2 david bowie ishinomori

That’s a wrap for this week; leave a comment if we missed something major!

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