Weekly news recap: Monsters & Superheroes, ’nuff said

A very back-to-basics range of stuff covered in this week’s news recap: just kaiju and heroes this time.

  • During today’s Zyuranger marathon, Shout Factory casually slipped an ad for a Ninja Sentai Kakuranger DVD set in among its other commercials. Not only is it awesome that this show will be getting an English release, but it also looks like someone at Shout has heard our gripes about how they’re not using enough of the costumes on the DVD art.

kakuranger dvd

  • Tsuburaya’s 50-year Ultraman recap video teases with a “What’s Next…?” while ironically omitting Ultraman The Next from the compilation. Some of the inclusions seemed odd; like, are the individual Ultraman Cosmos movies more important than the Ultra Q sequels or Ultraseven X?

  • The production of Kaiju Gaiden, the documentary on independent Japanese monster movie makers, appears to be halted due to internal conflict. You can get the gory details (from opposing perspectives) on the Facebook and Kickstarter pages, but we hope the situation is eventually resolved such that they’re able to deliver the best possible end product… it would be a shame if this project fell apart at this stage.

  • Oh, this is a cool idea for a book: a biography of Sadao Iizuka, an optical animator who’s been adding laser beams to tokusatsu footage for over 60 years!

Sadao Iizuka book

  • Manga artist Nozomu Tamaki (Dance in the Vampire Bund, Don’t Meddle with My Daughter, Godzilla: Nightmare Option) is apparently a fan of Adam Warren’s (excellent) superhero comic Empowered. Since Warren made such a name for himself adapting Japanese titles like Dirt Pair and Bubblegum Crisis, it’s neat to see this go full circle. A heavy dose of fan service probably had something to do with it, too…

empowered tamakinozomu

ultraman steamed buns

  • Speaking of Baltan, a lot of people are claiming that he’ll be the next Kaiju Remix release. I think the confusion comes from this resin kit from Wonder Festival, of a very similar aesthetic, and it’s also sculpted by Jordu Schell, but I don’t see anything actually linking it to Acro:

baltan resin kit


evangelion popcorn

That’s what we’ve got for this week; until later!

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