Early news recap: Feb 5

I got roped into hosting a party this weekend for something called a Super Bowl, which as far as I understand is some sort of televised game show for fans of Eyeshield 21. As a result, I’m doing a quick news recap tonight, and there might be a follow-up with various WonFes stuff later. And apologies if the news appears in no logical order, it’s a result of being in a hurry.

  • RIP Yasushi Nirasawa; 52 was too early. He was one of the finest monster designers in the industry, giving us baddies of the week like the Worms of Kamen Rider Kabuto, Imagin of Kamen Rider Den-Oh, Undead of Kamen Rider Blade, the Zangyak of Gokaiger, and the Horrors of Garo.
    Even the most hardcore Godzilla Final Wars haters seem pretty keen on his redesign of Gigan, and his take on the Devilman characters continues to influence pretty much every subsequent incarnation. He was also quite a hit internationally, involved with wild works such as Space Truckers, Tokyopop’s Star Wars manga, Hellboy, and Archangel Thunderbird, all of which people should really check out if they haven’t already.
    So, put on Dragon’s Heaven or Guilstein, surround yourself with Ressurection of Monstress figures, read a copy of Phantom Core, and appreciate some of his weird, inspired, frequently NSFW creations. [via facebook]

yasushi nirasawa

  • It looks like the next Ultraman series is hitting in July. With that being the 50th anniversary, they’d be crazy not to. In other Ultraman news, the Ultraman X movie will see Ultraman Ginga fighting in Chicago…. please destroy Rosemont during convention season!

ultraman x movie around the world

  • Disney XD has a live-action mecha show coming this fall, by the title of Mech X4. Now, it’s a little odd that they’re shying away from showing the robot design, and since Disney XD isn’t exactly known for having high production budgets, I’m skeptically intrigued.

mech x4

  • I really do love how the term “kaiju” has come into the popular lexicon; another example has come up on the latest episode of the Fox comedy Bordertown:

  • An RPG titled Melancholy Kaiju? I imagine it’s just a matter of time before a number of Maser Patrol contributors find themselves playing a round; at least one of us is a backer…

melancholy kaiju

  • Magnolia has acquired The Lovers and the Despot, a documentary about the imprisonment of Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee by Kim Jong-il, eventually culminating in the creation of the movie Pulgasari. If the doc is half as engrossing as the book A Kim Jong-il Production, it should be a great watch, though really what would be even better is a dramatic cinematic retelling (although that’s a dicey proposition in South Korea and Hollywood isn’t exactly keen on Asian lead actors). I’d also love it if Pulgasari were actually put on DVD, even as an extra feature. Sure, few distributors want to advertise a film literally made with slave labor, but if there was ever a kaiju flick worthy of an audio commentary….

  • Cast photos are out for Shinsuke Sato’s upcoming sequel movie to Shusuke Kaneko’s Death Note duology. Plot details sound about as good as we could hope for: a new super detective against a new super-terrorist and more Death Notes, but they don’t appear to be carbon copies of the original cast.

deathnote sequel cast


That’s a wrap for now, more when scheduling permits!

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