News recap for 2/20: City Shrouded in Shadows, Kaijumax, and more!

Relatively short news roundup this week:

  • Top story of the week: The survival action/kaiju game The City Shrouded in Shadows, from the same team as the Disater Report series, came out with a trailer in December, with relatively little fanfare:

Then this week there were some magazine scans from Famitsu depicting Ultraman as one of the shadowy figures in the game. There’s also a suspiciously-Godzilla-shaped silhouette, which has naturally set the fandom abuzz:

city shrouded in darkness

It’s too soon to say for sure what’s going on, but even if nothing further develops this game is looking quite intriguing.

  • Season 2 of Kaijumax (the giant monster prison comic that every fan should be reading) is starting in May!

kaijumax s2

  • MonsterArts Godzilla 1954. Okay, are Bandai and Neca having some sort of pissing contest? Is Toho telling them to release all of the same incarnations? Is a 1964 Neca and NES Godzilla MonsterArts just inevitable at this point? Also, will this one be tiny like the last Showa release? (Despite grumbling, this actually does sort of look nice.)

monsterarts 1954

  • A trailer for Kamen Rider #1. I dunno, feels like a step down after the stylish productions of  Kamen Rider the First and Kamen Rider the Next. (I’m sure there are folks who would fight me over such controversial remarks.)

  • Clip from Terra Formars. It says “unfinished CG”, but it already looks fairly rendered.

  • The artsy 1973 anime movie Belladonna of Sadness is getting a US theatrical re-release in May. This trailer has lots of cartoon nudity, so be warned.

  • Funimation has license-rescued The Girl Who Leapt through Time (the Mamoru Hosoda version, not the numerous live-action movies). Personally I won’t be double-dipping on this one, but it’s cool that a single distributor now has all of Studio Chizu’s movies and could hypothetically put out some sort of Mamoru Hosoda complete collection (I guess they would have that One Piece film too, so everything save Digimon: Our War Game).

  • A couple more Jeremy Robinson kaiju novels: Apocalypse Machine is out in March, and Unity in June.

apocalypse-machine-cover robinson unity

  • For those of us who’ve been keeping up with Assassination Classroom, it feels like it will be ending soon, an assertion which has been confirmed: only 5 chapters to go. While the plot has always had a time limit, I applaud the courage to end a wildly popular Shonen Jump action series, and not let it go on well past its prime (not to name names…).

That’s a wrap for this week; let us know if we missed anything!

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