2/27 weekly news round-up

Time for the weekly Japanese-ish monster media news recap!

  • Pacific Rim Maelstrom is back on again; oh the whiplash. The current controversy stems from the fact that a director other than Guillermo del Toro has been announced for the sequel: Steven S DeKnight. It’s a shame to see del Toro detached from the director’s role, but since DeKnight has a history with visually interesting and ambitious TV projects (Daredevil, Spartacus) there’s still a good chance that this could be great.
  • Adam Wingard’s Death Note movie is apparently aiming for an R rating. While I appreciate the sentiment of fearlessly refusing to water down the material, I’m not really sure what about Death Note would warrant an R… smoking, maybe? F-bombs? I mean, the statement will certainly go over well with Wingard’s built-in fanbase, but Death Note has always been a hit among teenagers… needless to say I’m curious about the direction they’re taking.
  • A proper trailer for Sadako vs. Kayako, and it still looks like a hoot. Here’s hoping that this one actually gets released stateside!

  • Oh wow, Yuichi Fukuda’s perverted superhero comedy Hentai Kamen is getting a sequel. HK: Abnormal Crisis is hitting in May.

  • Looks like Terra Formars isn’t along in getting a web prequel for its movie adaptation this year; the zombie flick I am a Hero is likewise getting one.

  • Tsuburaya has a new vaguely-worded pop up on their site, posted on the 40th anniversary of the passing of Tetsuo Kinjo. It appears to simply be a statement from Tsuburaya’s president/CEO that they’re recruiting new talent beginning with the Ultraman 50th anniversary project in July. By itself that’s not much, but one has to wonder about its intriguing implications for projects to come.

beyond ultraman

  • So Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is happening as the next major installment in the juggernaut RPG series. You’ve probably heard more about it from people more qualified than myself.

  • Speaking of Pokemon, we may have to get one of these pillows the next time it comes time to furnish an apartment:

snorlax pillow

  • Because the American and European rights holders for Digimon are prudes who don’t understand that the female body isn’t innately harmful and that kids don’t buy $100 figures anyway (soapboxing), they’ve yoinked the Megahouse Angewomon and Hikari set from retailers. So, if you live on those continents and had it preordered, you should be getting a refund soon. Presumably your refund also includes a laughing photo of Haim Saban gloating about how the subtitled version of the show will never be put on DVD.

hikari angewoman megahouse

  • I guess Kino’s Yongary release must have gone quite well, because they just announced plans to release the notoriously lousy Korean King Kong copy A*P*E on 3D Blu Ray. There really ought to be an alternate cover that’s just the flipping-off scene.

  • The punk-rock/Ultra kaiju concept album cleverly titled “Garamones” is hitting March 16.


  • Lastly, a reminder that The Boy and the Beast hits US theaters next week:

And we’re out! The next couple recaps may be sporadic due to my work/travel schedule, convention attendance, and other personal nonsense, but there are most definitely some other cool projects that we’ve been cooking up in the meantime (details forthcoming)….

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