Three weeks of news!

I’ve been occupied for a while by a crazy work situation and travel on the weekends, but now it’s time to kick back, regroup, and talk about all of the neat kaiju/henshin hero/etc news that’s hit since the last update. In the meantime, the Maser Patrol crew did get out to a handful of movies, so in case you’re wondering:

  • The Boy and the Beast was great, continuing several of the themes that Hosoda explored in Wolf Children.
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane was a fine movie, but literally had as much to do with the Cloverfield franchise as Super 8 or Star Trek.
  • The second Digimon Tri movie continues to confound by remaining vague about how much of the second season was actually canon. Too bad we have to wait until September for the next one.
  • The Psycho Pass movie was a glorious return to form after the mediocre second season of the TV series.

Now, on to the news… let’s start with Ultraman, shall we?

  • If you still want more Ginga after you finish, Tsuburaya is also uploading the Ginga S movie to youtube, in three parts because it’s the TV version (which also has additional scenes not in the theatrical version, which is why it’s complicated to be an Ultraman fan), albeit without subtitles. Also it’s currently at part 2/3, so you might just want to hold off on that one, actually.
  • A new trailer for the Ultraman X movie:

  • If you’ve ever wanted to watch Kiyotaka Taguchi teach little kids how to make tokusatsu, this video is for you:

Trailer time!

  • Oh, wow, this looks awesome: a new miniseries for Kamen Rider Amazons, starting in April and streaming, appropriately enough, at

  • Another look at Raiga vs. Ohga, hopefully still on track to debut at G-Fest?

  • The second season of Concrete Revolutio looks fantastic:

  • A new trailer for DIY super heroes in Hero Mania:

  • A Terra Formars trailer that also highlights theater etiquette:

  • An English dub of Garo? We’ve been waiting 11 years for that!

  • Museum looks like the best Japanese movie about a killer in a frog mask since Yakuza Apocalypse.

  • New Cobra animation out of Monaco, from the same folks doing the Astro Boy reboot.

In other news:

  • What? There’s going to be another live-action Cutie Honey?! The last two installments have also been live-action, so at this rate tokusatsu Honey may overshadow her anime counterparts. Anyway, the promo images for Cutie Honey Tears have been sort of strange, forgoing the usual colorful costume for a drab gray cloak. I mean, this is a heroine who can literally wear whatever she wants, but it’s weird that this is the stuff that they’re putting out there to start with.

cutie honey tears cutie honey tears 2

  • Hello Kitty’s strawberry-themed superhero alter-ego Ichigoman has returned. Read the comic here.

  • We were expecting the magical girl brawler Symphogear franchise to return for a fourth season, but it turns out it’s getting a fifth as well. I’m so pumped I could suplex a space shuttle.

0210_SF5_bGodzilla press conference gashapon

  • As apathetic I am on a new Voltron series, it looks like it’s got some talent behind it: Avengers EMH, Young Justice, and Avatar are solid western cartoons.
  • This Pacific Rim fan film is fun:


That’s a wrap for now, hopefully the next few updates will come on a regular schedule.

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