News recap for March 26

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to recap this week’s most interesting kaiju/robot/henshin hero/J-horror stories. Let’s get started!

Kaiju news:

  • Minoru Kawasaki’s latest project, Daikaiju Mono, takes giant monster wrestling matches to a more literal level.

daikaiju mono

  • There’s going to be a short TV anime based on the Ultra Kaiju Personification Project. Given the amount of Ultraman stuff coming to crunchyroll, I sort of wonder if this has a chance at localization?

  • This site has a nice write-up on the 1966 Bollywood kaiju flick Gogola.


Hero/Chojin news:

  • The Tatsunoko crossover manga Infini-T Force is getting a TV anime. That was fast; the first manga volume isn’t even out yet.


  • An ad for the TV anime of Mob Psycho 100, based on the manga by ONE.


  • Garo: Makai Retsuden starts April 8. Still curious to see just what this show actually is.


Mecha news:

  • [adult swim] is commissioning a sequel to FLCL. This is sort of stunning, considering that the original is 16 years old, so nobody involved in the original is really around Gainax any more, and the original was an OVA, not intended for television in the first place. The American co-production is going to add 12 new episodes, too, while the original is only 6, so… we’ll just have to see how it turns out?
  • Majestic Prince is getting a movie. While the show itself didn’t stand out as particularly amazing, I feel like brand loyalty to Hero’s magazine, Toho studios, and a handful of Super Sentai actors is enough to keep my attention.

  • Yeah, still not really feeling it for Voltron: Legendary Defender. I guess that puts it on par with every other entry in the franchise.

city shrouded in darkness eva

  • Speaking of Evangelion, the Unit 4 that was only featured at the Evangelion 4D attraction at Universal Studios Japan is getting a Revoltech figure:

eva04-univeral revoltech


Horror news:

  • Apparently the Sadako vs. Kayako marketing is just as silly as we were expecting it to be. There’s promo posters riffing on Batman v. Superman:

sadako vs kayako parody poster Also, a new line of figurines that chill in your drink glass:

kayako glass sadako glass

  • Kodansha has licensed Neo Parasyte F, which, like Neo Devilman (which Parasyte author Hitoshi Iwaaki contributed to), is a multiple-author anthology comic set in the world of the original manga. We’re pretty big Parasyte fans here, so it’s awesome to see more of it being made available in English.

neo parasyte f

That’s a wrap for this week; let us know if we missed anything!

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