News recap for April 2 (no April foolin’)

This week’s recap is really anime-heavy.

  • Just a week ago Evangelion unit 1 was teased in the game The City Shrouded in Shadows, and now the Godzilla Resurgence website has been updated with this image:


Guess it’s the time for Godzilla/Evangelion crossovers. I don’t expect this to have any impact on Godzilla Resurgence proper, as some folks are speculating, but a line of merchandise has already started (also on the web site). I could easily imagine a short story in a magazine or animated short (either tied to the film, or part of the Japan Animator Expo) featuring the mash-up. Time will tell, I guess. In the mean time, I think I need a “Godzilla on the earth, all’s wrong with the world” T-shirt.

gve merch

  • After months of lamenting a lack of fansubs, Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman has materialized on Netflix streaming! Quick thoughts, from most-nitpicky to least:
    -they should have done goofy accents in the dub
    -it was a mistake to put Psycho Jenny in the OP
    -the Easter eggs are great
    -the original characters introduced for this fit the aesthetics of their established series beautifully
    -it’s a shame that the source materials haven’t gotten proper English releases yet
    -lots of great, violent action; go watch it!

  • Until now, Digital Manga’s various kickstarter campaigns have been limited to Osamu Tezuka works and the occasional uninteresting ecchi title, but they’ve recently broadened their horizons with a campaign for Izumi Matsumoto’s Kimagure Orange Road. I know I’ve talked about KOR here before (when the kindle release started, which eventually fizzled out at two volumes), but it’s one of the greatest romantic comedies committed to manga page, perfectly capturing the angsty indecision of a teenage boy, torn between one girl who has strong feelings for him and another girl, who may or may not. That’s complicated by the fact that the two girls are best friends. Also the boy has psychic super powers, but that’s not that important in the long run.

digimon tri april fools digimon-tri-3

  • The latest DC animated movie, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, has a transformation sequence right out of Symphogear [thanks go out to whichever anonymous poster compiled this image]:


noise plushie

  • Garo: Crimson Moon‘s Seimei is getting Figuarts Zero treatment; always nice to see a non-Makai Knight getting some representation. Raiko’s later armor has been teased as well, which I’m excited about as it’s a fine design.

seimei figuarts

  • Also Garo, the new movie’s theme song has been previewed:

  • Plus Tokunet translated a somewhat cryptic look at Garo: Makai Retsuden:

  • Project Itoh’s Victorian (as in the English time period, not the subterranean people from Ultraman Ginga) necromancy anime flick The Empire of Corpses will be playing April 19 and 20 in US theaters. I might have to update my list of Japan’s best Frankenstein media!

  • Mamoru Oshii directed a bump for [adult swim]. It looks very Garm Wars/Assault Girls-ish.

  • A live-action Full Metal Alchemist is in the works. Let’s just say, considering that this is not a director known for working much with special effects, that I’m extremely skeptical.
  • It wouldn’t be a news recap if we didn’t post about something purely tokusatsu related, so… Tsuburaya’s posting subtitled episodes of Redman on youtube now! It’s…. it’s a really cheap-looking show.

Hey, I warned you. That’s a wrap for this week; seeya next time!

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One Response to News recap for April 2 (no April foolin’)

  1. Sentaison says:

    I’ve always liked Cyborg 009, and while I’m not as familiar with Devilman, the OAV was very good. It is a shame that some of the more “classic” properties don’t get a lot of play here in the U.S. I’ve been a huge fan of the Garo series ever since I was able to watch the first one. That’s another property that should get more exposure over here. The Empire of Corpses looks really interesting. Sadly the only place playing it near me is about 70 miles away and showing it at 9pm on a weeknight. Here’s hoping that a video release isn’t too far off.

    I’m really enjoying your news clips!

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